Mikrofax is one of The Worlds leading purchasing software providers - Our supply chain management software is in use by small private firms, large public companies, governments and NGO's - Take an in-depth look at our web site and you will understand why our customer think we are simply the best choice. Take charge of your orders, engage with your suppliers - Our eProcurement Software is an integrated set of secure cloud based tools used to assist all supply chain activities – You will quickly find there are many tangible benefits you will not even have expected, thanks to our intensive focus on end-to-end solutions.

eProcurement – What is it ? Simply put – a good eProcurement Software Solution will enable you to cut costs, add transparency to your spending and approvals process, control budgets and ease interaction between all the main actors from originator, buyer, approver, vendor, receiver to accounts payable. Our software will enable you to collaborate in a new and improved way with your vendors. Your organization will become more efficient and effective through the procurement process. From initiating a request, to sealed bid analysis, to final PO placement - we have it all.


CEO ? COO ? CFO ? CIO ? Positively impact your bottom line.

Senior executive ? Found us through an internet search for Purchasing Software ? Read our 2 minute elevator pitch. Find out how we improve efficiency, audit and compliance.

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eProcurement - Its about cost savings - spend analytics - transaction transparency

Instill buying discipline, - have an auditable process - ensure compliance - empower your management - deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

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Features of eBuyerAssist Purchasing Software

  • Operate as SaaS or On-Premises
  • Web based requisitions/orders
  • Smart Phone Multi-level approvals
  • 4 way Invoice Matching
  • RFI/RFQ/Bid Analysis & Award
  • Accounts Integration
  • Vendor Maintainable Catalogs
  • Contract management
  • Supplier Portals
  • Budget Control Alerts
  • Receiving and expediting
  • Asset Management

Purchase Order Software, Purchasing Software and eProcurement for Professional Buyers

How to motivate your staff

Tips for Increasing Employee Buy-In when Transitioning to E-Procurement

It’s an unfortunate fact of business life: People don’t like change. Sure, e-procurement solutions can lead to a leaner, more agile business, more transparency, and a smoother workflow, among other benefits. But it won’t accomplish any of those important benefits unless you answer the (unspoken) employee question: What’s in it for me? So when you

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eprocurement hosted in the cloud

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based E-Procurement Software

Do you remember when you had to dig through your desk or supply cabinet for your installation disks anytime something went wrong with a particular software program? When it was a business-critical program, the inconvenience was even worse — especially if you couldn’t find the software, or if the one computer it was installed on

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Contract management

Supplier Diversification

Do you have a true supplier diversification policy ? How do you know ? Measuring your true supplier diversity is next to impossible without a system to keep track of where your spend is going. If you have a corporate policy that states that x% of your spend is mandated to go to a certain minority

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