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Its about cost savings - spend analytics - transaction transparency

Instill buying discipline, - have an auditable process - ensure compliance - empower your management - deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

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Features of eBuyerAssist

  • Operate as SaaS or On-Premises
  • Web based requisitions/orders
  • Smart Phone Multi-level approvals
  • 4 way Invoice Matching
  • RFI/RFQ/Bid Analysis & Award
  • Accounts Integration
  • Vendor Maintainable Catalogs
  • Contract management
  • Supplier Portals
  • Budget Control Alerts
  • Receiving and expediting
  • Asset Management

Mikrofax Blog

pros and cons of eprocurement

Procurement Checks and Balances

This article is the first in the Mikrofax educational series of blog articles. That is NOT what I ordered ! If you have ever worked in a professional buying department that did not have a computerized purchasing system then we would place a bet that you will have heard that statement before !  I didn’t

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E-Procurement Software: Cutting Costs the Smart Way

As you now know by reading these blogs, E-Procurement is the process of purchasing goods through electronic means.   It significantly adds to the efficiency of the purchase process and also lowers the operational cost involved in traditional purchasing. E-procurement software can be used by businesses, government agencies, and universities to reap the benefits of

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fantastic features of eprocurement

Five Fantastic Features of Purchasing Software Systems

Five Fantastic Features of  Purchasing Software Systems ! Only five ?  Well lets just say this is the first five ……… In order for your company to thrive and grow, it needs to cut down on cost and alleviate potential risks.  Implementing new state of the art Purchasing Software System (aka e-procurement software) can certainly

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