Flexible and Modular eProcurement Design

Flexible and Modular eProcurement Design

Web based procurement systems come a long way from one size fits all.  For instance, Eyvo can help you design a perfect vendor mix from the best service providers across the world. We understand that the hallmark of a great service provider is the extent to which they can adapt themselves to cater to the client’s needs and offer a tailor-made solution. Well, these are not just words… at Eyvo, this is our belief and forms the basis of the solutions and services we provide.  Though some might find our Standard product perfect, most customers require some level of tailoring – and we are happy to oblige.

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So what does a flexible and modular imply?

Well, it implies designing an organisation-oriented service drawn on the analysis and requirements of clients’ needs. For instance, whenever a client approaches Eyvo, we try to understand their business, requirements and gaps. Basically, we try to answer ‘How can eProcurement better the purchasing process?’.

Once the eProcurement needs are identified, step two is to identify the implementation model (on-premises, Saas) and the various modules (Invoicing, Expense, etc.) that are needed. While we encourage clients to utilize our hosted solution as it offers the most flexibility and customization opportunities, it is entirely up to the customers which solution combination is selected.

The last aspect of eProcurement is defining the Workflow. This serves as the backbone of the entire model to ensure integration, ease of operations, approvals and a smooth vendor management. Again, Eyvo is flexible.  We can integrate with our software to suit your work process.  Our system is equally able to accommodate organisations with vertical and horizontal hierarchy when setting up approvals. And, our ability to add modules to address changing needs is quick and seamless.  In short, our system is flexible, adaptable and customizable.

We, at Eyvo, work with clients to find the most suitable solution at a reasonable price.  To learn more, please Contact Us

Happy eProcuring!

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