On Boarding New Vendors

As mentioned elsewhere on this site we have a fully functioning RFI module.

Part of what this module allows you to do is to seamlessly on board new vendors.

eyvo world class purchasing procurement software

An example of the process work flow is as follows,

Step 1

Our eProcurement system will provide you with a special URL link that you can either,

  • a) email to your chosen vendor inviting them to apply to be on-boarded or
  • b) place this special link on your own corporate web site under a banner of something like “Are you interested in becoming a vendor of ours ? If so, then click here to apply

Step 2

The vendor clicks the link and is taken to a screen where they enter basic corporate information about who they are and what they can do for you

Step 3

The Purchasing Manager or Accounts Dept either approve the vendor or reject them – this is called Stage 1 verification.

If Approved, the vendor is emailed telling them they have been preliminary approved but that you need more information for full approval – so they get sent another link asking them for more information and document uploads for your further verification’s etc

Step 4

They are finally approved at a Stage 2 verification process and then activated on the system.

Simple. Effective.

Contact us to see it work !