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bill of materials

Bill of Materials

The Eyvo procurement platform can allow you to maintain a set of groups items known as a Bill Of Materials or a Recipe.

Using this feature you can order, for example a “Bicycle” and the system will know it has to either

1) Pick from inventory

1 x seat

2 x wheels

2 x tyres

1 x frame

1 x gear set



2) Raise purchase Order for any items that cannot be fulfilled from inventory and thereby replenish your inventory automatically

Furthermore, the use of Inventory is fully optional – you can raise direct purchase orders without ever referencing the inventory module.

You also have the ability to submit one Requisition that holds multiple BOM items and the system will split this request out into the relevant purchase orders ensuring the correct items are ordered from the correct vendors.

Yes we also mentioned Recipe above – the same concept applies if you are a Chef and wish to know the raw material costs for each menu item, the system can track the purchase cost of every element that goes into every food dish you prepare.

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