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By Sachin Kapoor with Bhargavi Nake You might often wonder why protecting data has suddenly gained so much importance. The answer is simple, isn’t it? With the internet ruling our lives and everything we need at the tip of our fingers, giving out our personal data is no big deal. It is something we tend

Talent Gap? Software can help

by Katalin Brennan What if you could improve your procurement efficiencies while developing talent? Two birds, one stone? Talent gap is still a concern to many procurement organizations.  While the gap has closed in the last few years, research and experts agree that the problem is not going away any time soon.  As the procurement

3 Procurement trends in 2018 you need to implement today!

by Bhargavi Nake Want to make your procurement better? You need to incorporate innovation, simplicity and sustainability into your practice. We are all familiar with traditional procurement methods being time-consuming and tedious. But have we ever wondered why? Imagine creating a requisition, waiting for an approval, and then placing an order. While this process sounds

eProcurement Visual FAQ

Procurement system visual FAQ eProcurement is becoming mainstream but there are still many questions we hear as companies search for the most suitable software for their particular needs.  As with other technologies, purchasing solutions are not equal in features, ease of use, pricing to name a few.  However, there are ways to evaluate offers in

User Adoption – Essence of eProcurement Solution Success

By Deepa Mordani Are you in the process of selecting or implementing an eProcurement system? Are you looking to increase savings, speed up your process, get better visibility of your spend in your company? If the answer is yes, then the steps would evidently be to compare various systems available based on functions required along

GDPR – Why should you care?

By Sachin Kapoor While General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is not mandatory for companies conducting business outside of the European Union (EU), it is almost impossible to guarantee for any business conducting some business online to not have, at some point, a person from the EU submitting information to them. A simple email submission

Accelerate Procurement Savings

by Bhargavi Nake Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”. While companies do not realize the little expenses they incur in the traditional procurement process, it is possible that these expenses will increase over a period and hence, might lead the company in an ocean of

Optimize eProcurement Efficiencies

By Katalin Brennan If you are reading this blog, you know that eprocurement offers many benefits over other traditional procurement methods.  The efficiencies gained from adopting the right system will present tangible savings in order processing, order-to-delivery time, overall supplier price reduction and so on.  In addition, the adoption can also result in spend visibility

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By Deepa Mordani When we speak about building relationships in a company, it goes without saying that we are referring to our customers. We know and understand that for a company to grow, forging strong relationships with customers is paramount. However, it’s imperative that we pay equal attention to the ones that ensure that our

  • Pros and Cons of Partial eProcurement Adoption

Pros and Cons of Partial eProcurement Adoption

By Katalin Brennan Eyvo is often approached by prospective leads with questions about single function deployment like RFX or Expense Management.  While it is possible with our eBuyerAssist solution, the discussions generally lead to extended explanation of the advantages gained and lost with a partial implementation… and almost always prompts further thinking about strategic implications. 

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