Because we emphasize two attributes above all else


Why is choosing Eyvo a benefit to you?

Because we focus on delighting our clients with our knowledge, our speed, our accuracy, our cost benefit and our transparency.   This is a long term partnership – we will be there for every step of the way

Just Ask Our Clients !

eProcurement has emerged as an exciting field; it helps to increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve transparency in the world of purchasing services. With its easy to use and streamlined software and an approach that embraces customer service and customization;  You need a strong proven partner and Eyvo is leading the way in the world of eProcurement software services.

Established from a background in specialist purchasing systems, Eyvo has expanded steadily over the years. We’ve gained a solid reputation for providing high quality and effective applications. Today, Eyvo is a quickly growing company of dedicated software professionals with extensive experience in developing and implementing practical purchasing and procurement software solutions.

  • Ease your buyers’ workflow

  • Provide Management Information at your fingertips

  • Audit and control your spending

  • Manage budgets with alerts

  • Multi-level Spend Approvals for finance and sanity check

  • Manage employee expenses

  • Control receiving/assets/inventory/payables

  • Employ an RFI and RFQ process

  • Integrate with your ERP such as SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks

  • Deploy in a week – minimal training

  • 100% Cloud SaaS Based

  • Enhance vendor engagement with portals & punchouts

The Eyvo Approach

To do our job effectively, we are of the firm opinion that first, we must thoroughly understand yours.  As a result, our Eyvo team spends a great deal of time listening to purchasing professionals to find out their priorities and concerns. This approach successfully gives us an in-depth understanding of what our clients both want and require in order to get their jobs done successfully.

We’ve listened to your requirements. The end result is eBuyerAssist, a highly flexible and modular cloud-based purchasing software platform that is appropriate for both medium and large sized enterprises across the globe.

If you have any questions about our corporate goals and approach towards eProcurement, please feel free to contact us for more insights.

Eliminating out of control spending

This is one of the primary motivating factors.  If you are using a modern procurement software solution, like Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist, then you will find that the process outlined above is fully automated and seamless from request entry to the issuing of the check.

The end result is that your company will gain a variety of advantages ranging from transparent workflow and tracking receipts to an improved ability to analyze and control your organization’s budget all under the watchful auditing eye of the system. By using processes that ensure your company only pays for what it receives, you will avoid being over billed and your buyers will always be aware of late deliveries or short supplies.

To know more about why we are different, read our blog titled The Eyvo Difference.

How are Eyvo different ?

Eyvo eProcurement Solutions is an international team of application software development experts that have specialized in providing professional purchasing tools.  Our procurement software is flexible, robust, and affordable. Our team includes purchasing professionals, business analysts, application development engineers, systems engineers and integrators.

We have a full-time sales, development and engineering support staff available 24/7/365 days of the year.

Eyvo’s eProcurement software embraces the entire purchase-to-pay cycle using targeted add-on optional modules that can be plugged in as required – you only take what you need.  eBuyerAssist is a comprehensive purchase management software with big package functions and ease of use.