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Employee Expense Management

Employee Expense Management

Log all expense receipts, get them approved and ensure you get reimbursed quickly.

The Expense Management Module allows employees to log in their official expenses into the system to be electronically approved and ensure they get reimbursed in a timely fashion – it manages both sides of the process.

Typically, one doesn’t raise a PO to manage an employee’s expenses but you do need some auditable method to both record that employees expenses and reimburse them – thus the Eyvo Expense Management module.

From the employees viewpoint

Ensures accuracy of their receipts to enable quick reimbursement where they can manually enter or scan their receipts – they also need to know where their expense approval has gone once submitted and when they can expect a check to be cut. Our expenses module guarantees all those aspects.

From The Managers viewpoint

Managers are alerted when an expense needs to be reviewed and approved.
They have an Approvals screen that ties in with any orders they might also need to approve.
It allows them to stay on top of outstanding approvals and ensures employee satisfaction with the management of the process.

From the Accounting Departments viewpoint

Accounts want to ensure that all expense submissions are coded correctly and that only line manager ‘approved’ expenses get put forward for reimbursement – so we have a two stage approvals process: the employees’ direct manager (or designated alternative) is the person for front line approving all that employees expenses.

Once approved, the expense request gets forwarded to the responsible department for reimbursement, who then confirms it’s been received and processed. We can also take an automatic data feed from the corporate AP system to write back the check number and expected payment date so the original employee is kept informed.

Whilst all this is going on, the correct cost centers are debited and the correct audits are being monitored.

Both employee, manager and the accounts department can stay on top of every step by running various management reports.

  • Controlled access by user role
  • Upload scanned receipts
  • Assign to a cost center
  • Employee’s manager must approve expense
  • Automatic routing to finance for approval
  • Final check number and date emailed to employee
  • Expense reports
  • Desktop and Mobile accessibility