How Are We Different?

Eyvo’s eProcurement software embraces the entire purchase-to-pay cycle using targeted add-on optional modules that can be plugged in as required – you only take what you need.

We believe in providing efficient procurement solution for sourcing goods and services, providing accurate pricing from vendors by way of interactive catalogs and ensuring timely delivery of management information for intelligent buying decisions.

Our process begins with the requisition, which is initiated using a simple online form. The requisition itself is typically routed through individual managers and functional groups of the organization for their budgetary approval and once fully approved, ends up in the purchasing department for onward transmission to the supplier.

  • Ease your buyers’ workflow

  • Provide Management Information at your fingertips
  • Audit and control your spending
  • Manage budgets with alerts
  • Multi-level Spend Approvals for finance and sanity check
  • Manage employee expenses
  • Control receiving/assets/inventory/payables
  • Employ and RFI and RFQ process
  • Integrate with your ERP such as SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks

  • Deploy in a week/minimal training
  • 100% Cloud SaaS Based

Our eProcurement suite also supports eSourcing activities using RFI/RFQ and RFP processes enabling buyers to onboard new vendors easily and then view and compare quotes. The final steps of the eSourcing process involve sending an approved purchase order to the vendor, receiving their goods or services and accepting their invoice and then sending payment of the invoice.

To summarize the procurement function, we use a procurement dashboard which is essential to monitor how your system is performing both as a whole and within each of its constituent parts.

eyvo procurement dashboard

Eliminating Out of Control Spending

This is one of the primary motivating factors.  If you are using a modern procurement software solution, like Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist, then you will find that the process outlined above is fully automated and seamless from request entry to the issuing of the check.

The end result is that your company will gain a variety of advantages ranging from transparent workflow and tracking receipts to an improved ability to analyze and control your organization’s budget all under the watchful auditing eye of the system. By using processes that ensure your company only pays for what it receives, you will avoid being over billed and your buyers will always be aware of late deliveries or short supplies.

Contact Us today to ask for a free demo of the Eyvo eBuyerAssist solution.  We look forward to helping improve your company’s operations.