With the bleak economic downturn hitting all sectors of all markets all over the world, we are increasingly seeing enquiries coming in from prospective clients seeking free ERP software and supply chain management solutions.

As you may know, Eyvo eProcurement (www..com) are one of the class leaders in providing such types of software and in an effort to alleviate the strain some of our smaller prospective client companies are feeling, we are taking the bold step of donating free Enterprise Software to those on a first come first served basis.

We feel companies need to get a hold of all their costs and analyze them accordingly to help get through the current crisis – we believe our offer will help all who seek it.The donation will equate to a 15 user fully web enabled supply chain management system encompassing electronic requisitions, electronic purchase orders, electronic approvals, goods receiving, budgeting and management reports.

There are one or two minor strings (like having to bear with the odd non-intrusive advert whilst you use the system) but we believe the wider audience we plan to attract will certainly benefit from this approach ……. however, there are not limitless supplies of these systems per year that we can donate (due to technical support conisderations) so you need to act fast!

The system will be available for worldwide access by your user base.The roll-out of this software (to be called TBA-Enterprise Lite) will begin Q1 2009.Any interested parties should initially contact us at [email protected].

Ray Anderson
Eyvo Sales Associate