Eyvo eBuyerassist Platform
Eyvo eBuyerAssist Platform

Eyvo offers a fully integrated GDPR compliant cloud based SaaS eProcurement system – All hosted at our data center.

Since its foundation, Eyvo has steadily expanded operations. Today the company’s proprietary software, eBuyerAssist, is widely used throughout the world, particularly in the United States, Middle East and UK to manage purchasing operations.

Our procurement software solutions aim to improve the corporate workflow and provide organizations with an unprecedented level of financial control over their operations. eBuyerAssist is designed to support everyone at the organization from the Requester and Line Manager to the Approver, Senior Buyer and CEO. eBuyerAssist integrates with major accounting and ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and QuickBooks. Through eBuyerAssist, you can work in the cloud without affecting your current IT infrastructure.

Feature Rich Procurement Management Solutions

Through our system, you can streamline every detail of the purchasing process from requisition to fulfillment. To make a requisition, users simply complete a request entry screen, which is then routed for approval by the line managers and other relevant individuals. Once it has been adequately approved, the requisition is issued to the buyer.

Other eBuyerAssist Advantages Include:

Order Types


Multiple Line Items

Multi-level Approval Sign-Offs

Automatically Generated Order Number

Log invoices and payments

3 and 4-way Invoice Matching

Vendor Punchout

Track by Order Status

Comprehensive order amendments

Inventory & Asset Management

Transform Your Standard Purchase Order Process

-Preset nominated signatories and approvals for all purchase orders
-Automatically check budgets before purchase orders are issued, halting the potential to go over budget
-Professional customized purchase orders with easy printing, email or fax capability
-Easily save purchase orders in multiple formats including .pdf, .doc, .html and .xls.
-Ability to quickly attach any document to requisitions or purchase orders
-Approvals, group approvals and more using your smart phone

Store Vital Company Information

-Create extensive supplier files to accurate cross match data and manage reporting
-Maintain an item catalog to manage inventory
-Use our catalogs and save time keying in information when making purchases
-Assign suppliers and their corresponding price information for easy catalog access
-Take advantage of expenditure code systems for cross matching and more
-Delivery points, terms and conditions, and locations for payment are included in requests
-Track and document vendor contracts with expiry dates and reminders

Take Inventory Control to the Next Level

-Ensure that adequate stock levels are maintained
-eBuyerAssist records stock item details and ensures they reconcile with physical quantities
-Issue stock reports that include movement history, items below minimum stock levels, infinite stock locations

State of the Art Reporting

Use the extensive reports generated by eBuyerAssist to improve your purchasing efficiency. You’ll find that these comprehensive reports effectively break down data and help boost your bottom line.

Reports Include:

-Accruals reports
-Asset listings
-Expenditure code listings
-Orders’ Received history
-Item ordering history
-Items file listing
-Order Event History and Audit Log
-RFQ Analysis
-RFQ and RFP Listings
-Supplier Contract Listing

We also allow you to link directly into our hosted SQLServer via your own Static IP to run your own report writers directly against your raw data.

Optional Modules

eBuyerAssist also includes a wide range of optional modules including Receiving, Invoice Matching and Payments, Employee expense management, inventory control, asset management and Multi-Currency, vendor portals, customer portals ; You can also automatically generate sealed Request For Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Quotations (RFQ) and host these documents on a public facing portal for easy on-boarding of new vendors.


We take your data’s integrity and security as a prime responsibility – all your data is secured in a professionally managed ‘lights out’ data center where not even Eyvo staff have access to – the site is annually audited to internationally recognized standards. A copy of the annual security audit report is available for your inspection. Your purchasing information is encrypted to guard against any break-in, and uses http SSL encryption. Data is backed up and duplicated across multiple sites to allow for any disasters. Access to the data is restricted to those users who have a userid and a password plus you can switch on optional login Captcha and 2 factor authentication via the use of text messaging. Eyvo admins have no access to the system unless you explicitly grant it.

eBuyerAssist- Your End to End Solution

The above mentioned details represent just a fraction of how eBuyerAssist can transform your purchasing process. You will find that data flows through your organization in a streamlined manner and that our support tools control your budget and timing. When you choose Eyvo for your eProcurement needs, we guarantee to our clients 99.99% uptime and system availability.

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