Invoice Approval and 4 Way Matching

Invoice matching is generally an accounts payable function and is the one critical piece in tying things up from the closed-loop procurement perspective to ensure you are only paying for the items or services you have received.  eBA provides an integrated tool that looks at the transaction from start to finish and will produce an analysis of the entire transaction from a financial perspective – ensuring you are seeing value for money from your vendors.

An integrated holistic approach to invoice matching

We perform a four-way match on your transaction data,  we ensure that the order value matches the received value for goods/services, and that this matches the invoiced and payment values (see note * below).  All inbound supplier invoices can be approved prior to payment – Only when all of the relevant figures equate is the system happy to close off the full transaction.

* Its important to note that eBA does not pay your vendors and does not interact with your bank in any way.  Instead, to obtain the actual payment amounts we must have a feed of data from your existing Accounts payable system.  We can then take that payment data and match it to the invoice information we are holding which in turns matches to the originating purchase order.


  • Allows for partial invoicing
  • Allows partial payment
  • Allows multiple invoices against a PO
  • Cross checks invoices with orders
  • Highlights over invoicing
  • Highlights over payment
  • Produces four way value match
  • Can pass data to your external AP system
  • Approve Invoices before Payment

eprocurement increased bottom line savings Why is Invoice Matching important ?

Amazingly many companies do not have a process that closes off their procurement function on a transaction basis – why is this?

The originating requester only cares about getting what he needs and doesn’t necessarily follow through on any invoice questions that AP might have – meaning that there could be a disconnect between what was ordered and what was eventually paid for.

Similarly, the buying team only want to know that the vendor received the order, understood it and executed it by the agreed time.

Accounts want to ensure that the invoice is approved and paid.

Traditionally there is no oversight on the whole transactional process; without a system in place, there is no “single entity” overlooking the end-to-end process, that changes with our Invoice Matching Module.

The Benefits

It’s simple – you should only pay for what you are happy with.

Our invoice matching process doesn’t just talk to the PO module, it also interfaces with the full GR suite to ensure that you are not paying for something you didn’t receive or that was broken and that you didn’t accept.

Our GR process monitors all of that and relays the information to the AP system when it comes time to pay the vendor.

The end result is accurate data that can then be fed into your accounts software for the vendor’s check run.

A 4-way match is only possible when eBA has access to payment data from your AP system otherwise its naturally a 3-way match.

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