Purchasing Software for effective PO and vendor control

When it comes to purchase order software, Eyvo can deliver the highest quality results.   Our goal is to enable your company to submit purchase orders efficiently and problem-free each and every time.  Eyvo’s purchase order software, eBuyerAssist, is an end-to end solution that handles everything from the initial RFQ to the vendor payment.

We make it easy for companies to integrate our software as we can either host it in the cloud delivering it through SaaS or use your previously existing IT infrastructure.  The bottom line is that we will work with your company to set up the purchase order software in a manner which is optimal for your needs and requirements. 

Purchase order software

What Advantages Does Our Purchase Order Software Offer?

  • Eyvo enables companies to track receipts against invoices.  This feature enables a significant reduction on overspending.
  • Your company will always have a transparent workflow to review, which includes all RFQ’s, orders and payments.
  • Communicate with vendors through a quick push of a button
  • Easily review bid analysis once you have received bids
  • Benefit from our online portal, which allows vendors to communicate with your company in a streamlined manner.
  • Detailed reporting information will be right at your fingertips.
  • Increased compliance with government legislation and advisories

The end result of using Eyvo purchase order software is that the likelihood of error is significantly lower.   Plus, employees will save a great deal of time in their workflow.   Your company will benefit from the fact that this time can now be allocated to other tasks.

Optimal eProcurement Solutions

When it comes to eProcurement, we aim to make transactions as easy and flexible for your company as possible.  We will work closely with you to ensure that our solutions are customized to your particular needs.

There is a reason why a wide array of companies, ranging from those in the automotive and construction industries to charities and government organizations choose Eyvo as their purchase order software.  Take a look at Our Clients to see the wide variety of companies that opt to use us for their needs.  The list grows each and every day.

Find out for yourself by signing up for a free demo of our purchase order software in action.  Feel free to contact us directly and our qualified team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.