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Our receiving module for goods/services is a formal receiving process that is fundamental to any eProcurement tool.

Eyvo uses a two-stage receiving process

The eBuyerAssist (eBA) receiving module enables your originator to log both receipt and acceptance of the items or services they ordered.

By eBA you can automatically accept items and/or services at the book-in stage. For comprehensive control you can split the operation into a two-stage process whereby the initial booking-in followed by Quality Assurance and Acceptance.

Book-in stage

In the case of physical goods, this is typically controlled by the person/department that is responsible for physically receiving packages – e.g. at a warehouse or at the goods-in entry point to the building. In the case of a service order – you would simply be marking it as performed

Quality Assurance and Acceptance Stage

This process is typically controlled by the person who initiated the request in the first place – was the product/service they received satisfactory and would they be happy to pay the invoice when it arrives?

Data Integrity

It’s important that all the data ties together in a closed loop of information, the system will not like ‘loose ends’. For example, you ordered 100 of something but only received 98 – it will advise you to do something with the two that you are owed. Wait for receipt? Credit the PO? This is a good example of instilling discipline into your processes and procedures.

The system logs all actions in a Received History report.


  • Logs the receipt of fully or partially delivered orders
  • Allows you to accept or reject items and record shortages
  • Generates a Received Note with a unique GRN number
  • Allows order credits or item replacements
  • Generates Returns Note for rejected items
  • Updates Stock Levels
  • Updates the Asset Register
  • Updates Supplier performance statistics
  • Provides data for four-way match against invoices
  • Has separate logins for receiving personnel
  • Comprehensive receipt reports for you and your vendors
  • Allows document attachments for delivery notes, pictures of damages