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Eyvo Procurement Modules

Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist procurement platform comes structured in a set of both core and optional modules – below is a brief overview of the different modules and their functions.

Our Core System

The Standard offering across all our platforms consist of the following features:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Multiple Approval Levels by cost center, supplier, user etc and individual sign off level hierarchies
  • Dashboard Analytics with moveable widgets
  • Budget Management for 7 different account code structures
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Internal Item Catalogs by Supplier By Category
  • Punchout Catalog Support
  • Multi-Currency
  • Terms & Conditions Database
  • Support for multiple delivery points
  • Management Reporting
  • Basic Vendor Management (with uploading documents e.g. Tax, Insurance and compliance docs etc)
  • User roles, profiles and security

Plus a lot more ……

Eyvo Optional Plug-In Modules

Purchase Requisitions (PRO/Enterprise)

Requesting  services, equipemt  or materials sounds like a hassle? Don’t worry, Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist will simplify this…

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Purchase Order

Create, approve and send your PO’s in a structures traceable, audit able manner, get transparency and visability…

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Our receiving module for goods/services is a formal receiving process that is fundamental to any eProcurement…

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Invoice Approvals and Matching with OCR

Eyvo’s eProcurement software provides an integrated holistic approach to invoice matching. We perform a 3-way match…

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Employee Expenses

Log all expense receipts, have them approved and ensure you get reimbursed quickly. The Expense Management…

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Asset Management

Automatically track inbound capital items by location, depreciate them by reducing balance or straight line …

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Supplier/Vendor Portal

Our supplier portal allows your suppliers to login to a separate and secure section of the system that is just for them…

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Vendor Compliance

Audit your vendors to ensure compliance and lessen your risk exposure.  Have your suppliers upload documents…

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Manage inventory with low stock alerts, slow moving stock analysis, consumption reports, BOM, maintain multiple stocks…

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and Multi-Company – sends out PO’s from more than one legal entity and Data-Silos which  functionally separate your data…

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Bill of Materials, parts explosions, sub-part ordering Recipe Raw Material Cost calculator – Useful for our hotel…

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Sourcing Events with RFx (RFP/RFQ/RFI)

Contact vendors and allow them to respond with their best prices and terms to supply you with the goods or services…

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