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Deploy with ease and speed

Deploy eProcurement with ease and speed Once you have assessed the requirements, selected a suitable e-procurement partner and completed the procedural formalities – it is time to deploy or implement. We at Mikrofax completely acknowledge that rapid deployment and ease of use is what matters the most to validate the proficiency of a procurement

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Manage your Approval Workflows efficiently

Manage your Approval Workflows efficiently An efficient vendor, proper management, technological excellence, trained staff…while all of these ingredients are essential for designing an eProcurement model, one aspect that surely defines its success is a simple and clutter-free approval workflow. Whether you are a service provider or a service seeker, approval is the quintessential

Lucid Motors Endorsement of Mikrofax eProcurement

Mikrofax eProcurement and Lucid Motors - An electric relationship “Mikrofax’s system has been a valuable and very scalable e-procurement governance tool as we have grown our company.  Their web-based system provides an easy to use and very capable solution with a lot of functionality at an attractive price.” Peter Hasenkamp Director of Supply

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Procurement As A Service – Are you reaping the benefits ?

Are you reaping the benefits of Procurement as a service? When we started talking about Procurement as a service (PAAS) with our clients, the obvious reaction was ‘do you think it is worth it?’ Well, at that moment we did not spend too much time convincing them to buy into the idea, we simply started delivering.

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eProcurement is your best cost-effective tool

eProcurement is your best cost-effective tool Be it in cash, infrastructure, operations or resources, each and every aspect of a company revolves around one word: investment. Whatever the size of your organisation, smart investment planning is critical for smooth sailing. There has to be a balanced mix between the various cost heads and

Tips to help you identify a suitable eProcurement partner

Prodding over the idea of business integration, streamlining processes and seeking the help of an external partner? Well, we understand your dilemma. For tips to help you identify a suitable eProcurement partner, firstly in the choice of a service provider - the ‘WHO’ & ‘WHY’ aspects can simplify or complicate things. While clients always have

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e-Procurement redefines ‘Ease of doing business’ for the Public Sector

Philly Will Soon Accept Bids, Proposals Electronically Farmers can opt for direct transfer of paddy proceeds in Haryana, India Rep urges Fed Government to stimulate economy with e-procurement in Nigeria Philadelphia, India and Nigeria - Three different geographies with distinct socio-economic and political scenarios. Wonder what brings them together? Well, as evident from the articles

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Vendor Compliance and Relationship Management

Mikrofax are happy to announce the publication of our latest optional module, our Vendor Compliance and Supplier relationship module. Lets say you have purchased a new eProcurement system, now what? Are you just going to use it for tracking your expenses and managing the audit and approvals process? You could, but you could also get

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Timely Spend and Budget Analysis using purchasing software

Are you generally finding out what you have spend when the suppliers invoice comes in ? This is how many companies track their spend - when its too late. Its very hard to budget effectively for both capital expense and operational expense when you have no idea what your budget should be or if you

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Major New Client in The Publishing Industry

Mikrofax are thrilled to announce a major new client in the international publishing space - This client with a market cap of $1.5Bn will be using Mikrofax eBueyrAssist procurement platform across 3 legal entities and separate user groups distributed over 3 centers including an internation location. Mikrofax were chosen because we 'checked all the boxes'

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