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The Eyvo eProcurement Blog – On our blog pages we will occasionally announce new clients and some of our news and views from the eProcurement world we work in.

Future-proofing, company and technology

Future-proofing, company and technology By Katalin Brennan Future-proofing has been a topic in procurement circles for a number of years now and many would argue that its success must be addressed on both technological and organizational fronts.  I will try to give a brief guide to the decision points in terms of how procurement

India – IT boom and IoT adoption

by Deepa Mordani Internet of Things – A Global Network for Enabled Devices Internet of Things (IoT) - The most popular industry buzzword or the next industrial revolution? The Internet of Things is becoming part of our lives faster than we realise. It is no longer a concept that identifies itself primarily with industry, but

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Building Supplier Relationship: RFI/RFP/RFQ/Reverse Auction

Building Supplier Relationship: RFI/RFP/RFQ/Reverse Auction by Katalin Brennan Eyvo has experienced a lot of interest in our RFX module and related functions with questions around its functionality.  This is not surprising as the topic is a hot one in the supply chain community.  Specifically, there are discussions about the value of building supplier relationships and

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Digital Procurement = Digital Efficiency

Digital Procurement = Digital Efficiency By Deepa Mordani Do you feel the need to digitize your supply chain management processes? Do you feel the need to reduce the resources you are manually engaged with to avoid errors and inaccuracies? Do you want to have your finger on the pulse of your procurement at

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The Eyvo 5 Cs of Trust Building

The Eyvo 5 Cs of Trust Building By Katalin Brennan Eyvo believes that long-term relationships are built on trust.  Trust in the product, our team, our approach, and ongoing service to our customer’s needs.  Therefore, Eyvo strives to abide by the five guiding principles of trust building which we call the 5 ‘C’s: Commitment, Competence,

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The Eyvo Difference

The Eyvo Difference By Katalin Brennan Eyvo understands that companies have different needs when it comes to eProcurement.  We accept that our solution may not fit every organization’s structure or unique requirements.  However, our extreme customer focus and deep understanding of the entire procure-to-purchase cycle allowed us to develop a solution that is

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Changing views of eProcurement from Expense to Investment

Changing views of eProcurement from Expense to Investment By Katalin Brennan At this point it is well established that eProcurement has many immediate benefits. Our recent blog on the ROI calculator showed a simple example of how to justify buying a procurement solution can make sense even for a short-term.  In this blog

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Eyvo’s Focus on The Long-term Customer Relationships

Eyvo builds relationships from the very first contact through on-boarding to ongoing customer service.  The pillars of our success in developing long-term customer relationships are our quick, honest and proactive communication to leads and customers alike, as well as our respect for all who choose us to be part of their ecosystem.  We know that

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Eyvo Procurement Software Receive Two Software Awards

Yes that is right - Not one - But two ! Eyvo is thrilled to announce that our eBuyerAssist SaaS eProcurement solution received the 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience awards from FinancesOnline, an organization dedicated to analyze software solutions and provide verified reviews to help business and individuals in finding a suitable solution

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eProcurement ROI Calculator

eProcurement ROI Calculator Is it even worth having an eProcurement system ? Eyvo’s eProcurement system provides a way of purchasing goods and services by replacing manual inputs, passing around papers to be signed, keeping track of information in disparate systems, and generally accelerating the purchase-to-pay process.  In addition, as a cloud-based SaaS solution,