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Asset Management

Eyvo’s platform has an optional asset management plugin. This includes the details of any items flagged as capital assets of the business. They could be items like furniture, office equipment, manufacturing equipment etc.

Within the Purchase Order module, you can mark each relevant line item as a Business Asset. Meanwhile, the Receiving module will update the asset register with a new entry once the item is accepted. The system is flexible so you can enter your assets directly without coming from the PO module.

Our Asset Management System can also be integrated into 3rd party tools to interface into a smartphone or hand-held scanner. Further, the assets are sent from our system into the smartphone. This allows you to either audit your existing assets or add new ones. Once this is completed, you simply plug the device back into its cradle. The assets are automatically moved back onto the main server. Similarly, you can do this over the internet.

Features of our Asset Management module:

Auto-integrates from Receiving.

Assets added automatically from POs or manually.

Depreciation table maintained per asset.

Straight line or reducing balance depreciation are standard.

Assets can be written off at the end of their life.

Depreciation begins when they go into service.

Our Asset Management module will also depreciate your assets. Here’s a look at how:
Depreciation Tables

The system will depreciate your assets using straight-line or reducing balances at intervals that you set. These are generating tables for individual items and the assets table as a whole for end of year reporting. Auditing will be a breeze, your accountants will know the following. About exactly –

What you have.

Where it came from.

What you paid for it.

When it went into operational service.

Where it’s located.

The updated depreciated valuation.

Optional additions to the Asset Management module include the generation of bar code labels and scanning using a smartphone or scanner with the relevant options fitted.

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