Start-Up Features

Eyvo can assist start-ups in managing their expenses and avoid running out of funds.

Better inventory controlBetter inventory
Effective spend managementEffective spend
Manage expenses effortlesslyManage
expenses effortlessly
Reduced costsReduced
Increased transparencyIncreased
Eliminate maverick spendingEliminate
maverick spending

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Startups procurement software
Are You Running A Startup Business?

Understanding Your Burn Rate Is Critical To Success! We Can Help!

We understand Startups. We used to be one!

Critical to success is not just growth or sales but also getting control of costs.

Using Eyvo’s professional cloud based procurement tools will make your financial reporting life easier, give you justification reports to show your backers, and allow the founders to focus on building the business.

Our system will provide you with budgetary alerts across all your projects allowing you to remain focused on whats important in driving the business forward.

Report on funding burn rate across all sectors of the business to ensure you get maximum ROI for every Dollar/Euro/Pound you spend.

Whether you’re a small startup with seed round financing, or a more mature seed round funded business, we can help organize all your financial reporting and integrate into any other cloud based tools using our Open API.

Contact us to find out how we can help organize your purchasing and procurement for your specific industry.

Standardize Your Procurement Practice Across The Enterprise
Eliminate Unapproved Spend
Get Real Time Analytics
“We have been very happy with the Eyvo System.”
M Riley. Procurement Manager, Fisker Automotive
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