Technology Procurement Features

Eyvo's procurement software is specifically designed for technology companies to streamline procurement processes, control costs, and track inventory.

Efficient analytics and reportingEfficient analytics
and reporting
Ease of integrationEase
of integration
Get a controlGet a control on your
spend project,client
Solid audit trailsSolid audit
Increased transparencyIncreased
Cloud-based procurementCloud-based

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Technology procurement software
Do You Run Procurement For a Technology Company?

You’re Our Ideal Client ! We have the Perfect Tech For You.

Several of our clients run tech businesses.

They all like the ease of integration and the way the system naturally flows with their existing deployed solutions.

You can run your own reports linked directly to our SQLServer back end, design your own queries to analyze your spend, and get control on how much you spend by project, client, and division.

Whether you’re a local domestic transportation provider, or an international business, shipping to locations around the world, you need a centralized control point for your procurement that can be segmented by local region, national area and international destinations.

Contact us to find out how we can help organize your purchasing and procurement for your specific industry.

Understand Your Spend From Multiple Views, Alerts And Reports
Get Transparency, Budget Control And Audit From Timely Analysis
“We have been very happy with the system performance and I would be willing to act as a reference site for any potential Eyvo clients”
Ms. J. Hensen – Procurement , a360 Technology Solutions, Inc.
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