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Enterprise Grade Spend Management

We are one of the most experienced purchasing software providers

Our global supply chain and spend management software is used by small, large, private and public companies, regional governments and NGOs.

Multiple-Users across multiple distributed legal entities around the world? No problem.

Data Silo’s? Multi-Currency? Multi-Company? No issue for us.

Need to integrate to your legacy purchasing software, ERP or accounting system? We’re ready for you.

SSO, 2FA, ADFS, SAML Security – Bring it On!

Eyvo’s purchasing software
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    Eyvo’s purchasing software system is modular and flexible and, can be customized as per your needs. You use only what you need.

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    Our purchasing software provides various approval limits to ensure the utmost level of transparency.

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    Our system shows available budgets before placing an order which gives you more control over decision-making.

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    Our system has analytical dashboards which gives you control over how you function.

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Break The Manual Paperwork Chain

Get Real Time Analytics

Engage With Your Suppliers

3-Way Matching With OCR

Intelligent Emailed Auto-Attachments

Run Sourcing Events With Our RFQ/RFP Tools

Punchout Catalogs

Granular User Roles And Security

Extendable via Plug-In Modules

In Our Secure Cloud or On Your Premises

Break The Manual Paperwork Chain
Eyvo Voted Highest
Reviewed Spend Management Software Provider
Ease your buyers’ workflow
Ease your buyers’ workflow Audit & control your spending

Manage budgets with alerts

Multi-approvals for spend & finance/sanity check

Manage employee expenses

Control receiving/assets/inventory/payables

Integrate with your ERP such as SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks

Deploy in a week – minimal training

100% Cloud SaaS Based

Enhance vendor engagement with portals & punchouts

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