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A spend management software  system that’s modular and flexible – Only use what you need.
Procurement Software that’s affordable at any level – Have a look at our pricing options.
Eyvo provides unparalleled responsiveness and proactive support to all its customers – our clients are our first priority.
Eyvo has extensive domain knowledge spanning infrastructure, integration and custom development.

Purchase Orders

Punchout, Items Catalogs


For Requisitions, PO’s & Invoices


For Goods & Services




Alerts, Multi-location


Classes, Locations, Depreciation


OCR, 4-Way Matching


Diary Dates, Email Alerts


Set Limits, Monitor Spend, Audit

Eyvo Voted Highest Reviewed Spend Management Software Provider

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Break The Manual Paperwork Chain !

  • Get Real Time Analytics
  • Engage With Your Suppliers
  • Budget Alerts At Each Stage
  • 3-Way Matching With OCR
  • Intelligent Emailed Auto-Attachments
  • Run Sourcing Events With Our RFQ/RFP Tools
  • Punchout Catalogs
  • Run Sourcing Events With Our RFQ/RFP Tools
  • Granular User Roles And Security
  • Extendable via Plug-In Modules
  • In Our Secure Cloud or On Your Premises

Enterprise Grade Spend Management

We are one of the most experienced procurement software providers

Our global supply chain and spend management software is used by small, large, private and public companies, regional  governments and NGO’s. 

Multiple-Users across multiple distributed legal entities around the world ?  No problem.

Data Silo’s ?  Multi-Currency ?  Multi-Company ?  No issue for us.

Need to integrate to your legacy purchasing software,  ERP or accounting system ? We’re ready for you.

SSO, 2FA, ADFS, SAML Security – Bring it On !

  • Ease your buyers’ workflow
  • Audit and control your spending
  • Manage budgets with alerts
  • Multi-approvals for spend & finance/sanity check
  • Manage employee expenses
  • Control receiving/assets/inventory/payables
  • Integrate with your ERP such as SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks
  • Deploy in a week – minimal training
  • 100% Cloud SaaS Based
  • Enhance vendor engagement with portals & punchouts


We believe an innovative procurement solution is as good as its next feature or client focused improvement which we deliver every day with first class customer service.

Proactive Development With A Defined Roadmap

Our engineers don’t sit still – We are constantly developing with laser focus on a first class end-to-end solution that brings tangible benefits to all your internal stakeholders, buyers and vendors alike.


 An easy to use interface coupled with an approach that emphasizes world class customer service and customization.

We’ve gained a solid reputation for providing high quality and effective software applications. Today, Eyvo is a quickly growing company of dedicated software professionals with extensive experience in developing and implementing practical purchasing and procurement software solutions.

Why is choosing Eyvo a benefit to you?

We focus on delighting our clients with our knowledge, our speed, our accuracy, our cost benefit and our transparency.  

We recognize this is a long term partnership – We will be there with you every step of the way

See real-time information displayed as it happens on budget information, approval request alerts and spend analysis

Allow any user with the correct credentials to enter a requisition and manually enter their service items or select from either an internal catalog or vendor punch out catalog and have their requisition approved whilst checking their budgets.

Track spend against any contract, upload the contract paperwork and monitor important dates like renewal or expiry and send notifications to the contract manager to remind them of when these dates occur.

Integrate with QuickBooks, JDE, Sage, Xero, GP, JDE in the cloud or on the desktop using our generic integration tool. Optionally interrogate our SQL Server database directly to run your own business systems while still referring back to our core data.

Allow your users to request items out of inventory, have the inventory system monitor low levels and automatically raise orders for depleted stock. Track inventory movement across multiple locations via account codes and individuals. Integrated into the purchase order and receiving module for automatic maintenance.

Allow automated entry of assets, run depreciation schedules against asset classes, report on asset valuation and asset location.

Engage with your vendor’s allowing them to update their information proactively, upload tax documentation, insurance documentation and send you invoices.

Specify orders either by individual components or  group items together for a bill of materials approach – data can be imported as a BOM and automatically ordered. Take line data from a CAD/CAM system or any other third party tool.

Send your orders through our approvals engine so that they  reach the right stakeholder at the right time; allow as many levels as you wish ; approvals are done via individual sign off level and line of business

Allow direct purchase order entry or create purchase orders for goods or services from a requisition or an RFQ or an RFP. Have your order  approved through the approvals process and sent via email, punch out or XML EDI directly to your vendor.

Data can be imported simply using standard CSV files and exported out also using CSV files, PDF, RTF allowing for easy onward integration to any other tool.

Specify orders for materials or services and account for them accordingly

The system supports standard cXML punch out interfaces with many existing popular vendor’s already integrated in and many being added every day

We have three service centers around the world all operating 24/7/365

“Eyvo’s system has been a valuable and very scalable e-procurement governance tool as we have grown our company. Their web-based system provides an easy to use and very capable solution with a lot of functionality at an attractive price.”

Peter Hasenkamp • Director of Supply Chain, Lucid Motors


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