Education Industry Procurement Features

Take control of your procurement process in the education sector with Eyvo's comprehensive software solution! Keep track of expenses, manage spending, and stay on top of your procurement needs with ease.

Manage expenses seamlesslyManage expenses
Better supplier managementBetter supplier
Control, track, and audit spend effortlesslyControl, track, and
audit spend effortlessly
Seamless 3rd party integrationSeamless 3rd
party integration
Better management reportsBetter management
Site control and managementSite control and

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Education procurement software
Purchasing For Your School or University?

Track and Control Your Expenses Specifically For Education

Our education clients need to track and control their expenses by some non-standard criteria, like government or private donor grant for example.

Easily track expenses like IT equipment, lab equipment, school supplies by class, teacher, region etc

Analyze your spend using several different methods including category code, item codes, inventory location, project even down to the individual student – ensure that orders you place with your suppliers are delivered on time to ensure that you can meet your own goals.

Whether you’re a local K thru 12, middle or high school right up to university with thousands of international students, we can control, track, and audit your spend across multiple educational areas of relevance and integrate it into your existing AP system.

Contact Us to find out how we can help organize your purchasing and procurement for your specific industry.

Perfect Your Procurement Reporting Across The School Justify All Your Spend Track Your Savings “We now have transparency and visibility of our spend for all of our stakeholders including government reports for grant and donor report. Eyvo has made it so easy.” A. Simons – Procurement Manager, Vaughn Charter Schools

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