Eyvo’s Sustainability Policy

Eyvo’s Green, Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Eyvo recognizes that we have a corporate responsibility to be a good citizen of the world. To that end, we have developed a policy which we actively pursue. The following principles are part of our core corporate culture:

We, Eyvo Inc., hereby state that we will adopt responsible practices with due regard to the environmental impacts of our corporate activities. We set and continually review objectives and targets for achieving our goal to protect our entire global environment.

We seek not only to comply with safety and environmental regulations but also to implement in-house standards to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.

We seek to reduce environmental loads by efficiently using resources, saving energy, reducing waste, encouraging material recycling and particularly by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances, and toxic matter. To that end, RFPs or RFPs that require us to respond using vast amounts of paper will be requested by us to be modified to allow electronic responses. We limit printing to only those documents that are absolutely necessary.

All of our staff take mandatory awareness courses on nutrition (with specific focus on adopting Veganism) , health, wellness, sustainability and our environmental impact.

We minimize environmental loads and adopt environmentally friendly technologies when ordering and purchasing the necessary resources, such as travel, office materials, ordering food, etc.

We also encourage our employees to keep driving to work at a minimum to reduce carbon footprint. Further, our employees are advised to switch off lights and air conditioners whenever not in use, use recycled paper products, unplug computers and monitors when not in use, non-toxic cleaning products, eco-friendly office snacks, use LED lighting.

We use education programs and share information internally to raise environmental awareness among our employees and to ensure that they recognize the essence of our sustainability policy by actively addressing environmental concerns in their corporate and private lives where possible.

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