Biotech Procurement Features

Biotech companies require a procurement system that is both efficient and compliant. Eyvo's procurement software delivers both.

Seamless inventory trackingSeamless inventory
3-way matching3-way
Expense trackingExpense
Better relationships with suppliers Better relationships
with suppliers
Timely receiving goodsTimely receiving
of goods
Efficient reporting all stakeholdersEfficient reporting
all stakeholders

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Biotech Procurement Chemistry
We Have The Right Procurement Chemistry For You!

Operating multiple labs with many scientists? We know the buying process can get complex. Hence, we know just what is right for you!

Buying dangerous chemicals can be tricky. They come with specific storage and inventory requirements. Besides, their tracking batches are complicated as well. Since we are experienced in facilitating the buying process – no matter what type of BioTech you are working with – you do not have to worry!

We at Eyvo can help! You can segment your procurement for multiple different methods. These include lab code, project code, grant number, inventory location, technician badge number, warehouse locations, etc. Therefore, the orders you place with your suppliers are delivered on time. Therefore, this ensures that you can meet your own internal requirements.

“Very pleased with Eyvo’s attention to detail and speed of response – I’m happy to be a reference site for them.” D. Siewers – CFO, SeerBio

You need a centralized control point for your procurement that can be reported on by multiple criteria. This is irrespective of whether you are a small start up lab or an established player.

Contact us to find out how we can help organize your purchasing and procurement for your specific industry.

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