Contract Management Software
Contract Management Software

With Eyvo, Never Lose Vital Contract Paperwork Again

Never lose vital contract paperwork again. Yes you can keep paper contracts in a filing cabinet and yes you can scan them all and maintain them in the Cloud in some other cloud-based file storage solution, but that’s all it is: a file storage system. We believe in proactive contract management.

eBuyerAssist allows secure access to its contract management module by individual user specified access rights so you know that only the right people are seeing your documents. They are not available for public viewing. Our solution will send you alerts when a contract is up for review or renewal. We only send these alerts to the designated key contract managers.

We also allow different versions of the same documents so you can circulate and maintain different control documents at each stage of the contractual process. The system also supports the managers running spend analytics against the contracts, related orders and invoices all at the push of a button. That cannot be done without some automated, intelligent and integrated contract management solution.

All contracts can be linked and referred to by the Requisitioning Core Module, the Request for Quotation Module and of course the Purchase Order Core Module. This ties the entire process up into one integrated solution and multiple purchase orders and invoices can be raised against a contract.

Manage products and services

Track call-offs and expenses

Assign contract managers

Automated email alerts for key events

Searchable cloud document depository

Allows document version control

Maintains important contract dates with expiry alerts

Real time spend analytics

Multi-currency and multi-site

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