Custom Procurement Software
Custom Procurement Software

One of our core strengths is making our software fit your needs.

What are your options ?

1. Multi-tenant Hosted Cloud – Shared Platform

What does that mean? We have our standard eBA platform that is shared among the majority of our users around the World. This is the exact same software base for everyone that we find provides most of the features that 90% of our clients want. So when you sign up for service with us, it’s likely that this is what you will be using.

However, what if you fall into the 10% of our clients who want features that the system doesn’t cover ‘out of the box’?

Standard Shared Application

Custom Design Application

Private Cloud

On Premises Options

Why would such a thing happen?
You may have some unique process to your specific workflow or to your industry. If that happens then we are able to offer you our second option.

2. A Custom Private Cloud Platform – Additional Monthly Fee Incurred

Most parts of our platform are available for user customization. Eyvo can enhance or modify eBuyerAssist to include your own specific requirements. If you decide to opt for this then you will be given your own specific and unique platform with its own encrypted URL to run the system from.

On submission of a written specification, we will be happy to provide you with a fixed price quotation for any approved changes to the software. We can change the system to include amendments to existing reports or screens or more in-depth changes such as new functions, reports or modules.

Our depth of knowledge is extensive in this area and we have many client references to attest to the high quality of our work. Send us your RFI or RFQ for analysis and we will have our team review the viability of what you need and discuss how best to map your process onto our platform with minimal effort.

We work with enterprises around the Globe on a daily basis that are both large and small. We take our standard platform and build your ideal solution within our framework. This allows us to deliver your custom designed eProcurement solution on our proven world class cloud infrastructure.

Our services include analysis, design, build, training and implementation services both on and off site.

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