Delivering efficiency and performance with digital procurement software
Delivering efficiency and performance with digital procurement software
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Managing procurement processes and supply chains can be strenuous for many organizations. But, this could be because of too much organizational complexity or little or no spend transparency. All of this usually results from siloed data and manual processes.

Resilient supply chains and efficient eProcurement software are what make the recent trends in procurement complete. The recent global crisis highlighted the importance of sturdy and efficient supply chains. Companies with intelligent and smooth procurement software were able to battle the storm and stand strong.

Having an efficient eProcurement software that helps you get through your daily procurement tasks is absolutely essential in the face of a pandemic. Just like having a resilient supply chain is crucial, it is also important to choose digital procurement software that helps your company achieve procurement strategies smoothly.

Why choosing the right digital procurement software is crucial?

Business agility and flexibility are something most organizations look at achieving successfully. An eProcurement software that rides on flexibility can help procurement managers grow and scale their operations as they go.

Business agility comes with efficiency in the organization’s processes. In recent times, most organizations have struggled to keep up with their supply chains given the global crisis. Hence, with increasing market volatility and to sustain over their competitors, procurement teams have to implement the best digital procurement solutions.

Having good eProcurement software helps with implementing high-level procurement strategies and positively impacts bottom-line profits.

How can eProcurement systems deliver efficiency and performance?
Efficient spend management with reporting and analytics

The pandemic highlighted the need for an analytics-driven future that companies have wanted to achieve for years. Using the data available with a company, analytics can help organizations spend more intelligently and efficiently – improving their liquidity and cost position.

Resiliency through transparency

Choosing the right software can increase transparency and speed, giving decision-makers crucial insights for determining when, where, and how to act. In doing so, it can help organizations become more resilient.

Promotes innovation

Implementing a good eProcurement solution means increased transparency and more time in the hands of procurement professionals. Most of the manual procurement tasks are replaced by a good digital procurement solution and hence, top-level professionals can spend more time innovating.

Increased control and accountability

eProcurement systems capture data that can be then analyzed to reveal purchasing patterns. Further, there are pre-defined workflows and standardized approvals with minimal room for manual intervention. Every step taken is recorded in the digital procurement software system which is subject to authorization, reducing maverick spending and non-compliance.

How can Eyvo’s digital procurement software help ?

Eyvo has been in the digital procurement space for over two decades. Our cloud-based eProcurement software can be customized to our client’s needs – you just have to wish for it and we make it happen! Customization has always been our forte and that culture will be hard to change.

With the global crisis, Eyvo was able to help numerous organizations in implementing the digital procurement transformation which enabled companies to curb the disruptions in their operations to the minimum.

We offer custom installations per the clients’ requirements and can meet those in almost every aspect of the software. A lot of our customers are happy to use this to their advantage as each of them has a unique requirement pertaining to their functioning.

Our technical team can efficiently fine-tune the software as per individual client needs. We offer custom reports, unique approval setups, and much more. This goes to showcase our ‘customer first’ approach and technical expertise.

Choosing Eyvo’s cloud-based digital procurement software will mean that your organization will have a smooth transition from traditional procurement to eProcurement.

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