eBuyerAssist and 3rd Party Integrations
Eyvo's eBuyerAssist and 3rd Party Integrations
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eBuyerAssist and 3rd Party Integrations
By Bhargavi Nake

More often than not, organizations have pre-existing software that handles the majority of their processes and they are satisfied with it. Why? Because it gets the job done. But, there are times when a company might be in need of added functionalities in this existing software.

While you can make functional changes in the software, it could take more time than necessary and lead to wastage of resources. So why not go for something that already exists as a 3rd party software?

Many companies take advantage of these readily available softwares and opt to integrate them into their existing software. But how exactly to do that? It is simple! The integration of a 3rd party software is done through an Application Program Interface (API).

What are 3rd party integrations and how do they work?

3rd party software integration means adding external data to a business app through an API. What an API does is - it lets two different applications communicate with each other. Because of this, developers can add new features quickly with existing components instead of writing a new code from scratch.

These integrations can help your organization save time incorporating existing features that they do not have to build themselves. This increases efficiency in the workflows. 3rd party integrations have become an integral part of software development as it helps to save costs, integrate powerful features, and attract new customers.

An organization’s procurement functions are crucial to the success of the business. There are times when companies have a great procurement solution in place but feel the need to integrate with an existing accounting system that they have been using for years.

Many times, organizations have existing accounting systems in place and choose to adopt a digital procurement solution while still being able to use the accounting system. This is where 3rd party integrations come into the picture.

How can Eyvo help?

Eyvo’s cloud-based procurement software can easily integrate with 3rd party accounting softwares and many of them happen to be some of the most popular business accounting software like - Intuit’s QuickBooks, SAP, Sun Accounts, Xero, Great Plains, etc.

Our integration can help your organization in getting all your accounting information in one place. This way, you avoid any errors and your accounting is completely in sync with your digital procurement software. We at Eyvo can integrate through APIs and can even pass data between 2 applications using CSV and XML files.

Our cloud-based procurement software will solve major accounting problems in your organization without any hassles with these integrations. This will help in increasing your productivity and giving a boost to your business's bottom line.

Not only this, Eyvo can also integrate with messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack through which you can easily manage your approvals on the go.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your business’ productivity by improving the invoicing and accounting processes through our seamless eBA and 3rd party software integrations.

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