Eyvo’s Ebuyerassist Is Exactly What You Need! Here’s Why
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Eyvo can help simplify your procurement needs!

Procurement processes have significantly changed since the advent of eProcurement. eProcurement technology is a cloud based procurement solution that allows your business to automate and centralize the purchasing process along with the supply chain. With compliance to industry regulations, eProcurement is becoming increasingly popular in modern day business where transparency on day to day business activities has become crucial. If you are considering about whether you should purchase procurement technology, we can provide you with a state of the art solution in eBuyerAssist. eBuyerAssist is a procurement solution that allows you to handle online transactions and integrate technology in your business processes and systems like never before!

Why eProcurement?

Obviously when you can integrate other cloud based solutions in your business, why would you need eProcurement? Well to begin with, eProcurement solutions are industry approved, which means they implement the best business practices in each activity. This allows you to work in compliance and within the frame of the law. Second, eProcurement solutions are the most effective solutions for procurement processes. They can help in streamlining the purchase and supply chain activities, saving considerable time, effort, and costs down the road. They also provide transparency on day to day spending and other transactions, which can help you in realizing which transactions are more productive. With comprehensive integration, eProcurement can help your business take its first step towards the cloud.

Why eBuyerAssist?

Contrary to popular belief, eProcurement is not just about making electronic payments. In simple words, eProcurement is your entire procurement department in an easy to use and configure solution. Our eProcurement solutions in eBuyerAssist allows you to create and manage requisitions, select products and services from a catalog of various suppliers, create purchase orders and send them to vendors in no time. eBuyerAssist also allows you to create requests for quotations with a tool that provides sales representatives to view and compare quotes from various suppliers. The process starting from looking for goods and services to sending payments of the invoices can be done within a business day. Unlike traditional procurement processes, where the process would take 3 to 7 business days, eBuyerAssist reduces the timeframe along with the inefficiencies and errors that likely occur with manual procurement.

Transparency on Spending and Day to Day Transactions

eBuyerAssist is an up to date eProcurement software solution that allows you automation and centralization beyond the cloud. This helps in eliminating labor intensive and manual processes to increase efficiency and productivity. This allows your business to gain transparency on the workflow as each and every transaction is tracked. Transparency on spend control and supply chain allows you to analyze your spending patterns and control the budgets.  One of the most common issues associated with eProcurement solutions is integration with other ERP solutions and comprehensive implementation on all the supply and purchase activities. However, with eBuyerAssist, you can integrate eProcurement with other cloud based solutions to increase effectiveness across various processes and systems in your business. If you are looking for a solution that can provide you with time and cost saving initiatives like no other, then don’t think twice and get eBuyerAssist.

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