Telecom Expense Management With Eyvo’s Eprocurement Software
Telecom Expense Management With Eyvo’s Eprocurement Software
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Expense Management easy with Eyvo!

The telecom sector is experiencing a boom all over the world. It isn’t merely new technologies which will sustain a Telecom business, but a proper and efficient supply chain management and expense management too.

E-Procurement in Telecom Expense Management is an advanced and much-needed tool for managing expenses in your Telecom business. The TEM team in your company needs to first determine the existing state of your system. Then they need to polish it up it to optimal efficiency. It should be ensured the process is managed properly or it will fall into an uncontrolled chaos.

Take charge of your wireless technology with electronic procurement

With the help of this technique, telecom business owners, whether they are solution providers or cellular companies, can access a single centralized system of acquiring equipment and services. Having a one-stop-shopping system offers you to continue keeping accurate data on what wireless and wired assets you have.

Procurement done via electronic means ensures that only approved materials, assets and equipment form a part of your inventory. The database system holding all information regarding the inventory gets modified and updates every time equipment or assets are moved.

Find an effortless system for acquiring Assets

Unlike the traditional procurement techniques, this system sets standards for acquiring assets. Everyone does it the same way, through the same vendors, with the same brand names of equipment.

E-procurement offers your telecom company with well-organized, neat and tidy system which you can control and track without much hassle.

Ensure Real-time Acquisition of your Inventory

Another major advantage of utilizing the electronic method is that your company’s inventory is always in real-time. No, it isn’t updated once a week or every month, it is real-time. All you require is to make a few clicks with your mouse and you have all the information on your screen in no time.

An automated and Centralized System

Overall, the technique provides you with an advanced, automated and centralized e-procurement of various telecom services such as voice and data services. In addition to that, you can also manage procurement of your wireless devices efficiently.

It has an edge over traditional procurement methods because it provides quick and accurate information about:

Installations and removals of various devices

Device or inventory swap

Upgrades in technology or devices

Any other changes to your inventory

Comprehensive tracking method

Unlike lengthy paperwork, which is prone to many errors and inaccuracies, procurement via electronic methods offers your telecom business a comprehensive system of tracking assets. This can significantly assist your company to cut operational costs. And not only this, it will add to the overall efficiency and productivity of your company and its employees.

You don’t need to be wondering what cell phone model your client possesses, or calling a number in order to find out where it goes. While, previously, Telecom Expense Management was synonymous with pushing an octopus into a bucket, thanks to the automated systems and E-Procurement, the issues related to it have been solved.

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