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Eyvo’s Integration With 3rd Party Systems
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Eyvo can help integrate with any enterprise or accounting solution!

We have found our clients are continually looking for best of breed in purchasing software systems and eProcurement tools and Requisition Approvals – not satisfied with simply putting in an Accounting tool to attempt to everything in a mediocre fashion. Our clients come to us to get the best in eProcurement tools – during 2012 we have seen a definite uptick in the volume of business PLUS a certain pattern of inquiries keeps repeating – one of the most common is does your system play with other Enterprise solutions like SAP or Oracle for instance ? The reason for these questions is that those type of huge Enterprise solutions are vital to the operations of all large business but horribly unwieldy to use – so our clients come to us for elegant front ends that talk well to their back ends ..and that what we do. If you are looking for systems integration be is from low level Sage Timberline or Quickbooks solutions to upper tier SAP or Oracle or GP then let the team at Eyvo know – we can help ! We have done it before !!

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