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eProcurement And The Healthcare Industry: Importance And Relevance
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Importance of eProcurement in the Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry needs an organized and proper system for procurement of goods. For a long time, the purchasing departments have used the age old paper methods for making purchases. Not only is there a need to realize the benefits of streamlining procurement, but also for improving transparency in corporate spending. Using E-procurement platforms, hospitals can create approval hierarchies in a better way.

Why Do Hospitals Require eProcurement Software Platforms?

Like any other organization, hospitals need to come up with ways to control costs. For a hospital to run efficiently, it is imperative to maintain a proper inventory for medical equipment, supplies and medicines. Without an advanced yet easy to use procurement tool, hospitals will have to bear huge costs for supply chain management.

There are a range of companies which provide purchasing or e-procurement software. Making using of these tools, hospitals can achieve supply chain optimization. They can focus on efficient consumption of resources, and manage savings in previously non-targeted areas. This would assist them in increasing total market valuation.

Healthcare has always required and adapted to up-and-coming technology. Whether it is PACS systems for networking or medical equipment’s such as MRI machines, quick switching to advanced technology is absolutely necessary for a better healthcare industry.

Therefore it is imperative to utilize software platforms to reduce costs, thereby reducing the cost of provision of health services. Hospitals can significantly increase their purchasing department efficiency with greater control over inventories.

Hospitals can easily and efficiently purchase items for various hospital departments on an as-needed basis. Paper based requisition forms need to be done away for a better organization of the healthcare system.

Running a hospital is a pretty tricky business and requires one to save money wherever possible. It is important to contain costs, so that the patients don’t have to bear the costs of inefficient supply chain management.

The Procurement Software

The procurement software platform for hospitals is a must-have product for a hospital’s IT department. The software stays on the vendor’s server. So, the hospitals don’t need to worry about the maintenance and updates. The vendor will take care of all these matters. So the hospital won’t have to worry about the extra work that comes with the installation of the software.

The procurement platform can assist hospitals in:

Making quick and reliable transactions



Purchasing Efficient procurement software lets the hospital focus on their actual duties, – providing quality healthcare services, at affordable rates.

E-Procurement benefits healthcare in multiple areas

E-procurement platforms help the healthcare industry in these ways:

Cut-down in purchasing costs

Studies show healthcare have reported savings of 5-20% in all goods and services

More Profit

With a 5-7% savings through streamlined procurement processes, hospitals were able to increase the profits by 30-40%.

Increased Efficiency

Ease communication and ensure vital supplies are delivered on time

Audit inventory – no more missing equipment

Automated order management significantly cut down the unit cost for processing a purchase order by 60-90%.

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