eProcurement Paths – Augment, Replace, Redesign
eProcurement Paths – Augment, Replace, Redesign
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eProcurement Paths
ByKatalin Brennan

Eyvo, through the course of talking with companies interested in our solution, receives frequent questions on the type of implementations and functions we can deliver. I wanted to share some thoughts about the common themes and describe three distinctive ways to approach the integration of eProcurement solutions. The below is a graphical representation of these paths to integrating a procurement solution (represented by dark blue): Augmentation, Replacement, and Redesign.


Augmentation can be thought of as a single function purchase which may or may not integrate with other systems already in place. A common example we see in procurement are RFX and Expense Management.

Pros: inexpensive, quick implementation, very few people affected by change

Cons: does not integrate with other business systems, may introduce new skill and process needs


Replacement of solutions generally falls into four categories: a) just not doing all the functions needed by the company, b) a legacy one and is not capable of integrating with newer solutions, c) is not technically capable of handling new technology which would lead to advantages gained from those technologies, or d) many tools augmenting the purchasing functions. Examples we encountered in this category are usually a combination of separate accounting software, business productivity tools, paper-pencil/email/document, and various single-function online or desktop software.

Pros: more/better capabilities, implemented in a few months, time/cost savings, little training

Cons: requires a fair amount of planning (skills, process redesign, systems integration), higher costs


Redesign is not for the faint of heart as it requires a full scoping of current resources and capabilities as well as future plans of the same. Companies who choose this path often do so because of organizational or business activity changes. Whatever the reason, this approach requires the most commitment on both the client and the Eyvo side forming a long-term partnership.

Pros: solves many issues with one system, ensures sustainable future on many levels

Cons: investment-like cost, ongoing implementation, must be part of company-wide re-engineering

Choose Your Approach

Understanding your current needs and capabilities is the key to choosing the right approach for your company. Eyvo is capable of accommodating all of the above implementations because of its modular design. While some functions may not be available for augmentation because of their complex nature, replacement and redesign efforts are well suited to the way we work with our clients. Tell us what your goals are (short and long-term) and we’ll work with you on a plan for success.

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Happy eProcuring!

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