The Eyvo 5 Cs Of Trust Building
The Eyvo 5 Cs Of Trust Building
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At Eyvo, Trust is of utmost importance!
By Katalin Brennan

Eyvo believes that long-term relationships are built on trust. Trust in the product, our team, our approach, and ongoing service to our customer’s needs. Therefore, Eyvo strives to abide by the five guiding principles of trust building which we call the 5 ‘C’s: Commitment, Competence, Consistency, Communication, and Conscientiousness. Let us show you how we live by these principles.


We show our commitment to both sales leads and customers alike.

Sales Leads enjoy our high-touch consulting and follow ups by answering questions on all forms of media until they have a full understanding of how our eprocurement solution can fit into their procurement practices. We do not rest until they have fully explored our software’s capabilities and determined whether or not it is suitable for the issues they are trying to solve.

Customers experience our commitment in many ways. First, we have 24/7 support which we take very seriously responding to inquiries typically in minutes. Our geographically distributed team constantly monitors inquiries and resolves issues or answers enhancement questions. Second, we encourage our customers to give feedback on observations and functionality wish list which we integrate into our development schedule as quickly as possible. Finally, the Eyvo team provides dedicated contacts to each customer to facilitate swift response time and high-touch customer service.


The Eyvo team has combined experience in every aspect of procurement from software engineers and business process experts, to procurement professionals who are versed in all phases of the procure to purchase (P2P) cycle.

Our software engineers have the technical skills to implement enhancements and new features as we receive input from our customers and leads. In addition, our development and product management teams have deep understanding of not only the technical aspects of our eBuyerAssist product but also have in-depth knowledge of the entire procurement cycle so that we anticipate future needs.

Eyvo works as a team from development to product management and sales consulting. This cohesion is essential to serving the onboarding of new customers, supporting existing customers, and developing new features based on input from our entire community.


Consistency, we believe, is the hallmark of any organization and we implemented internal practices that ensure this. For example, our response time is shortened by smart routing of customer requests so that customers are never without an answer. Similarly, we practice consistency in our internal workings by following guidelines that ensure completeness and efficiency.

Consistency is not just a big word at Eyvo, we search and implement processes and methods every day that increase this aspect of our business. For example, we adopted a new project management system to better serve our customers. While the effort took some time, we are now able to have a more complete oversight of ongoing development which we link with customers and leads. This integrated approach allows us to continuously improve service to our customers.


Eyvo puts the highest priority on communication and transparency, both external and internal. We developed methods to communicate with speed that result in getting answers in hours rather than days. We also put high emphasis on answering all questions posed so that our customers and leads are never in doubt. Our team is committed to communicate fully, honestly, and with a great deal of consideration to all.

While it is not uncommon to communicate with external contacts in this highly attentive way, Eyvo practices these principles internally. Our team operates in a collaborative, respectful, and non-judgmental environment where ideas are surfaced and observations are shared. We hold Communication as one of Eyvo’s guiding operations principles.


Conscientiousness is a characteristic that combines what’s been described above. Though many companies may claim this overall ‘trait’, Eyvo demonstrates it by acting with efficiency, taking our jobs seriously, working with a sense of obligation and seriousness to serve our customers, and taking extreme care about our communication to everyone we touch.

We hope that all of you who read this put us to the test and experience our 5 Cs for yourselves.

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Happy eProcuring!

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