The Eyvo Difference
The Eyvo Difference
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What makes Eyvo different from others in the Procurement industry?
By Katalin Brennan

Eyvo understands that companies have different needs when it comes to eProcurement. We accept that our solution may not fit every organization’s structure or unique requirements. However, our extreme customer focus and deep understanding of the entire procure-to-purchase cycle allowed us to develop a solution that is able to deliver the many benefits of eprocurement to a wide variety of industries. This article is a summary of the Eyvo differentiators that are in direct response to the most important factors identified by our customers and leads.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the critical factors that leads and customers are concerned with. Not surprisingly, Eyvo’s solution is designed to strike a balance between intuitive structure, uncomplicated UI design, functional separation for different types of users, and overall design considerations that render Eyvo’s eBA solution familiar to procurement professionals. Our goal is to cater to our largest number of users that consist of requesters, buyers, financial analysts, decision makers, and other professionals who participate in our clients’ procurement activities. As we often say, any software is only as good as the people who utilize its functionality. Our design aims to make use easy for all who participate in the procurement cycle.

Spend Analysis Reporting

Eyvo’s standard software application includes not just a few but many management reports. Among the many eprocurement benefits, spend analysis may have the most impact on making buying decisions, vendor selection, budget planning, and strategic sourcing. We not only include these reports in our standard offering, but also allow their customization, saving for later view, while presenting some of the more pertinent information on our dashboard. Our eBA solution has capabilities similar to other specialty applications often classified as spend analysis software.


Unlike many other eprocurement applications, Eyvo offers custom installations. Beyond the already flexible modular design, we can meet custom requirements in almost all aspects of our eprocurement software. large portion of our customers are taking advantage of this capability as they have unique requirements which are essential to their operation. These requirements range from custom reports to unique approval setups, field customization and non-standard third-party software integration. Eyvo is able to accommodate these needs because of our exceptional customer focus and technical expertise.


Any cloud-based software worth having must always be accessible and responsive. Eyvo’s eprocurement application is hosted in a secure data center on extremely fast servers that ensure 99.99% uptime. In addition, we have 24/7 monitoring and customer support as our staff is geographically distributed to cover all time zones.

Customer Service

Eyvo not only claims exceptional customer service but also delivers on the promise. We have a company culture of service and customer focus that dictates responsiveness, urgency, and straight-forward communication that permeates every aspect of our operations from sales to development. Our customers enjoy having dedicated personnel to handle their account and answer any type of question within hours (often minutes). Our technical support is handled by an effective ticketing system that ensures immediate acknowledgement of issues and their resolution of them. We are sensitive to our customers’ operational needs and treat each matter with a sense of urgency like it was our own company. Treat others as you want to be treated is not just a saying but our modus operendi.

Continuous Development

Eyvo, like many other software companies, has constant development updates which our customers enjoy free of charge. The main difference in our development is that we make functional additions based on customer input and prioritize development according to change that benefit the majority of our customers. Essentially, we take one company’s wish and make it available to all. Best of all, we don’t wait for months to ‘put the change into our development cycle’, rather, we quickly evaluate the feasibility and, if doable, we make it happen.

Value for Money

The ultimate question from customers is whether or not the eprocurement benefits gained by adopting a solution equals or exceeds the value generated. We truly believe that Eyvo provides a great value. We invite you to compare our offerings to other spend analysis software on all the factors detailed above.

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