Covid-19 Update
Covid-19 Update From Eyvo Procurement
By | E-Procurement Software
The COVID-19 lockdown has not taken Eyvo’s team spirit down!

It has been over 2 months since our team has been working from home during this lockdown. We are working remotely from 3 continents to make sure that our clients get the best services – no matter what!

While our team at Eyvo ensures customers’ success, we are also dedicated towards our employees’ safety.

So how is our team coping and keeping their spirits up in these trying times? The answer is simple – we lift each other up if any one of us needs to be motivated. After all, it is your team that will support you in your remote work environment.

To keep the daily workings of our company in order and to keep the tempo up, our MD and the team get together on a group call. Every once in a while, it helps us stay connected and stay in touch with our colleagues.

In doing this, we are not only coordinating and communicating regularly, but also ensuring everyone is happy doing what they do.

In the end, our employees are our first customers and only if they are happy will our clients stay happy.

Feel free to Reach out to us for any queries!

Stay safe everyone!

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