Eyvo's weekend away to bond with the team
Eyvo's weekend away to bond with the team!
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Eyvo's weekend away to bond with the team!
By Bhargavi Nake

Every once in a while, everyone needs a break. Our team at Eyvo gives increased importance to taking breaks when needed. Breaks allow teams to rejuvenate and escape the everyday hassles. This helps improve their work efficiency and gives them a chance to unwind and engage with the team.

The team at Eyvo is diverse. Our employees come from varied backgrounds and cultures. We encourage them to share their cultures through team bonding activities which make us come closer as a team. Having a culturally diverse team helps us to learn about new cultures and respect their backgrounds which help the team in bonding. When our employees are happy and enjoy working in a team, it reflects positively on their performance. This, in turn, keeps our clients happy as well.

While team bonding and team building are essential for a company’s success, it is also important for employees to spend time with their team outside of work, where they can connect on a personal level. The camaraderie they share outside of work reflects on their professional relationships as well.

Our team recently went for a short trip to Lonavala, a hill station in Maharashtra, India. It was a perfect destination to unwind and be one with nature while connecting with the team. It gave us time to better get to know our colleagues and engage with the team. At Eyvo, we look at cultivating an influential corporate culture where employees enjoy coming to work, trust each other and collaborate effortlessly.

Eyvo’s culture believes in fostering good relationships through better communication, shared ideas, and achieving goals by assisting each other.

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