Eyvo Stresses On The Importance Of Long-Term Customer Relationships
Eyvo Stresses On The Importance Of Long-term Customer Relationships
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Long-term Customer Relationships – Are they really a big deal?

Eyvo builds relationships from the very first contact through on-boarding to ongoing customer service.  The pillars of our success in developing long-term customer relationships are our quick, honest and proactive communication to leads and customers alike, as well as our respect for all who choose us to be part of their ecosystem.  We know that our customers’ success is what ensures long-term relationships, continued technical development, and Eyvo’s growth.

We respond quickly

– we respond to leads immediately and follow up according to their stated needs

– we acknowledge customer requests immediately (24/7) and communicate our solution time frame honestly

We take the time to find out about our leads and inform them about the possible components of our eBuyerAssist procurement solution that might be a good fit for their industry or particular activity needs.

We listen to our customers

– we address customers’ needs by providing them custom features and work diligently to solve the exact need that they set out to address

– many of our customers have provided feedback on features and small changes they wished for, and we made it happen for the benefit of all customers

We receive valuable input from our customer on a regular basis which we take into consideration in developing tweaks and additions to our procurement solution.  We do this because our ultimate measure of success is customer satisfaction which builds long-term customer relationships.

We communicate honestly and clearly

– we will not promise what we cannot deliver

– we strive to be clear and concise in all our communication so that there is little room for misunderstanding

Paying attention to clear, honest, and complete communication is not only necessary to speed up delivering solutions to our customers, but it is a sign of respect and our way of showing how much we care about maintaining the relationship with our customers.  While we sometimes have to say no, we more often say yes!

We are proactive

– we reach out to our customers for feedback and find ways to act on improvement areas

– we reach out to customers to clarify requests, communicate changes and anticipated decision points

We seek improvement ideas from customers and our own team members regularly.  Our procurement solution is a product of this proactive dialog in between our customers and our entire team.  Our customers appreciate such collaboration and tangible improvement that benefits our entire community.

We value everyone

– we treat all those who approach us with respect and responsiveness as a signal of what can be expected of us if they became a customer

– we handle all customer communications personally and with a sense of urgency

It is our goal to reach every inquiry and request personally.  The Eyvo team is working as a single unit to route incoming communication to the right person and then dedicate that person to work with the inquirer as long as they are engaged with Eyvo.  This is to ensure building valuable rapport.

Please read reviews on our website or on Capterra to see for yourself what our customers are saying about tailored solutions, great customer service, and long-term customer relationships.

Happy e-Procuring!

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