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In the Hospitality, Hotel, Event business?


Join our Other Clients in Your Industry And Actively Manage your Spend


We have a ton of experience in the hospitality business. We have many household names in this space who use Eyvo to assist in spend control.

So, if you are a hotel, you will want to give your heads of departments a bit of control. This means that they should have the ability to request goods and services direct from the vendors. In a controlled manner, ofcourse. For example, you can have the housekeeping check their budgets daily.

Also, you can allow the Head Chef to place orders for food via punchout. These orders can be placed to the largest foods services companies. Further, the Chef can calculate the cost of his/her recipes to give you an accurate selling cost for the next menu.

So yes, we go beyond simple purchasing.

Here’s what our client has to say about our eProcurement software:

“We have used the Eyvo platform for the last 18 months and it hasn’t missed a beat – our users love it. I have recommended it to 2 other companies I have worked at and they implemented it with no issues.” 

J. Kruger – Procurement Director,  Accor Hotels

Our software allows you to gain insight into spend by department, division, and property.

Here’s what else we do

Even if you are in the event business, we have your back! You can get a control of your costs for every event that you put on. Further, you can also manage assets that are on a loan or rented out.

We can help with organizing your reports using multiple different methods. These include property code, event ID, customer code, inventory and warehouse locations. Hence, the orders you place with your suppliers are delivered on time. This ensures that you can meet your customers’ demands on time.

Going further, whether you’re a local domestic transportation provider or an international business shipping to locations around the world –  you need a centralized control point for your procurement. This should be segmented by local region, national area and international destinations. Eyvo has your back as well!

In conclusion, here are a few things we can do for you:

  • Analyse spend by department
  • Deploy analytics to all stakeholders
  • Eliminate maverick spend
  • Get real-time budgeting and much more.

Contact us to find out how we can help organize your purchasing and procurement for your specific industry.