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Bright Idea! Implement eProcurement!
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Should you implement eProcurement ?

An automated and centralized procurement strategy is often overlooked in businesses that have cloud solutions integrated in their systems. Wireless procurement solutions, known as eProcurement, are web based managed services that allow you to automate the purchase orders, approvals, and tracking of all the wireless assets in your organization. In simple words, eProcurement can help in streamlining the supply chain and purchase systems and activities in your business. But if you are still wondering if eProcurement is worth it, consider the following factors.

Automation of Procurement Processes

Cutting edge procurement software combine the best industry practices while providing accuracy, speed, and overall streamlining of the procurement processes. Automation of these processes will allow you to reduce labor hours and inefficiencies, while giving you room to focus on the other core activities of your business. Automation can save you from considerable expenses while making processes fast and responsive.


One of the biggest advantages of cloud based solutions is that they centralize your data, discreet information, and organization systems. Similarly, eProcurement solutions allow you to set up a single point of contact for the purchase activity and wireless systems in your organization. By implementing eProcurement, you gain greater visibility and transparency of the wireless environment of your business. This helps in making complex wireless systems and purchase orders easy to manage.

Corporate Approval and Compliance

Corporate approved end users and assets are allowed into wireless device inventories. With data integration and security becoming ever important, businesses today are required to employ best practices to incorporate into the inventory. eProcurement solutions, therefore, provide different levels of accessibility and control to different levels of employees. The best eProcurement solutions can be implemented in compliance to the different regulations that your industry requires. This ensures you that your processes and activities are in compliance to what your industry requires.

Real Time Accounting and Data Tracking Of Wireless Systems and Purchases

eProcurement provides real time data and accounting of all the processes in the supply chain from spending to purchasing. This allows you to set up accurate end of year financial statements and budgets for the coming quarters. Data tracking allows you to determine where your data is on the wireless systems. This helps in cases where there is data breach or theft, and maintains data integrity throughout the corporate structure on the cloud.

Historical Reporting

eProcurement solutions integrate information with asset and expense management tools that allow you to optimize the life cycle management of wireless inventory. Historical reporting allows you a fair means of measuring the performance of your business with and without eProcurement solutions. This can enable you set up long term strategies and industry best practices across the business environment.


To say that eProcurement solutions are unnecessary when you have other cloud based solutions is rather inappropriate. Procurement processes and strategies were for long considered the most difficult aspect to manage in a business. But with eProcurement, you gain an unprecedented level of automation and centralization that can help you save time, money, and considerable effort!

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