Invoice Approvals Matching With Ocr
Invoices with 3 & 4 Way Match with OCR

Eyvo’s eBA Invoicing module represents the final aspect of the procurement cycle – the hallmark of good Invoicing Software is the extent of its flexibility.

It must be easy to manage, keep track of the timelines and above all should have reports and alerts that keep all stakeholders informed about payment schedules and status.

Eyvo allows a 3 and even 4-way match on your transaction data; we ensure that the order value (1) matches the received value (2) for goods/services and that this matches the invoiced (3) and payment (4) values.

All inbound supplier invoices can be optionally scanned by OCR and then approved prior to payment – Only when all of the relevant figures equate is the system happy to close off the full transaction.

The end result is accurate data that can then be fed into your accounts software for the vendor’s check run.

Our process of Invoice Matching ensures the smoothness of handling provider bills and corresponding payments. At Eyvo, we completely understand the requirements at both ends. Our eBuyerAssist software acts as a catalyst by helping our clients with their business needs and designing appropriate and customized solutions accordingly.

Integration with external software is another one of our ancillary functions here at Eyvo. Our application integrates with major accounting and ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, and QuickBooks. Through eBuyerAssist, you can work in the cloud without affecting your current IT infrastructure.

Allows for partial invoicing Allows partial payment

Allows multiple invoices against a PO

Cross checks invoices with orders

Highlights over invoicing

Highlights over payment

Produces four-way value match

Can pass data to your external AP system

Approve Invoices before Payment

Auto-attach invoices by inbound emails OCR Invoices

Invoice Payments

Eyvo can either integrate into your existing payments system to pass through invoices that are approved for payment or we can utilize any other 3rd party payments system of your choice via API calls. Contact us

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