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Eyvo Can Help Move Your eProcurement From Cloud SaaS To On-premises?
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All the hype around the Importance of Savings in Procurement!
By Bhargavi Nake
Eyvo’s eProcurement – On-Premises option available now!

Eyvo eProcurement are pleased to announce that our SaaS Cloud based eProcurement solution is now available as an on-premises install-able option.

Historically our clients have opted for us to handle all the heavy lifting in terms of infrastructure, bandwidth and storage not to mention disaster recover options – However with the well publicized outages of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure – our clients have become understandably nervous about entrusting their entire mission critical applications to these services.  Some of them now want to be responsible for their own systems.  So to reflect that we have packaged up our solution in an easy to install application that you can deploy yourself onto your own IIS infrastructure.

If you are an existing client we also offer you the option of removing yourself from the SaaS environment and migrating to your own infrastructure.

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