How Crucial Is An eProcurement System Dashboard?
By | E-Procurement Software
Eyvo’s Dashboard – Activity at a glance!

Introduced earlier this year, our new system dashboard utility is a one stop shop for all users to have an at-a-glance view of the throughput and efficiency of their purchasing. Purchasing directors can now rate their corporate efficiency, approvers can see how their approval queues are stacking up, accounts people can easily match their invoices to the PO’s and Requestors can now follow the status of all their outbound requests to ensure the requested goods and services are being expedited by the buyers and delivered on time to the originators. Not to mention the warehouse managers, asset managers and inventory managers all seeing their unique views on how their areas are performing. All this activity on an individual level, departmental level and ultimately enterprise level quickly add to the bottom line savings a SaaS based eProcurement tool can provide when implemented correctly – to learn more about our system dashboard and savings metrics please Contact us

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