Pros and Cons of Partial eProcurement Adoption

By Katalin Brennan

Eyvo is often approached by prospective leads with questions about single function deployment like RFX or Expense Management.  While it is possible with our eBuyerAssist solution, the discussions generally lead to extended explanation of the advantages gained and lost with a partial implementation… and almost always prompts further thinking about strategic implications.  Below I captured the most frequently discussed questions about partial implementation.


Illustration of integration levels

Pros and Cons of Partial eProcurement Adoption

The below table represents aspects to consider when choosing between the implementation types above.  While the values indicated in the table are based on our experience, please keep in mind that your company is not like any other so the values may differ.  We encourage you to evaluate you own situation based on this table and come to a conclusion as to which type of implementation is best.


Purchasing Integrationnonepartialfull
Vendor Integrationnonepartialfull
Vendor Communicationlimitedlimitedfull
Corporate Communicationmanualautomatedautomated
Process Automationlimitedmediumfull
Process Efficiencylimitedmediumfull
Deployment Timeshortmediumlengthy
Money Investmentmediummediumsubstantial
Time Investmentlowmediumhigh


Top 3 Advantages of partial implementation

  1. Fix immediate need
  2. Less expensive – you are buying less so paying less
  3. Less operation disruption – implementing fewer new things will almost always will entail less training time, system downtime, higher learning curve


Top 3 Disadvantages of partial implementation

  1. May not fit overall strategy – technological, operational, organizational
  2. May not solve efficiency – gains of efficiency may be offset by an unintegrated process or system
  3. Leaves visibility gaps – lack of automation and access leaves others out of the loop or creates added communication from the purchasing department to others


Weigh them for decision

Based on my varied industry experience, implementing a single function you pick from the Eyvo capabilities (like quote generation, expense management) will not be a good the return on your investment unless that function is your core business activity.  Single functions do not support collaboration and growth like a wholly integrated eProcurement solution.


Eyvo can help you either way

Eyvo is unique in that our eprocurement solution comes in many configurations and optional modules.  Being able to help companies large and small, stable and growing, gives the flexibility to each organization to select the most suitable combination that fits their current needs without worrying about long-term consequences.  So start small or go all in, Eyvo will accommodate just about any need.

You can read our customer reviews on our website and Capterra.

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