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Purchase Requisitions

Requesting Services, materials or equipment made easy.

Purchase Requisitions Devolve Responsibility.


Given the right oversight, employees can request whatever they need themselves or channel it through a management hierarchy. This isn’t maverick purchasing, we monitor what they can purchase and how much then can spend – there are business rules and terms of engagement that the system will enforce. A purchase requisition (aka Purchase Request) is simply a tool to roll out to your wider user community that easily enables raw data capture.

In eBuyerAssist, the Requestor completes a simple web-based form and hits Submit. The data then begins obeying a set of pre-defined rules set by your workflow – we can help you set them up. The bottom line is it should be seamless, transparent and effortless for all the people in the chain and with Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist, it is!

  • Select items from internal catalogs
  • Support vendor punchout
  • Select items from internal catalogs
  • “Free text” input
  • 7 account codes allowed each with budget checking
  • Upload items from a spreadsheet
  • Split cost by % allocation to multiple cost codes
  • Add multiple terms & conditions
  • Allow multiple document attachments
  • Approval hierarchy