Reasons why Eyvo is different from other purchasing software
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We investigate the minute details and make sure that all the requirements are up to the mark.

eProcurement needs are unique for every client and we ensure that those needs are looked after with care.

How do we make this work? It’s simple. We concentrate on customers to possess a deep understanding of the entire purchase-to-pay (P2P) cycle. This allows us to develop a solution which is widely appreciated across different industries. Our solution delivers many eProcurement benefits because of our dedicated team.

The point of saying all the above is that – We are different from other solution providers in our industry and we truly believe in Procurement beyond Savings.

We can highlight a few aspects of Eyvo that make us stand out! Here are a few.

Customer Focus is imperative in our culture. When our customers are facing an issue, we often come up with a solution within hours. Our company culture of effective service commands responsiveness, straightforward communication, and urgency that is spread throughout all our development as well as sales operations.

A User-friendly eProcurement solution is something every customer wants. That is exactly what we provide! Eyvo’s eBuyerAssist is designed in a way to strike a balance between the uncomplicated UI design, structure and overall design considerations that make our solution familiar and easy to use for procurement professionals.

Reporting and analytics are crucial in the digital procurement industry and we at Eyvo understand that. Our standard application consists of management reports which can be pulled up from our software easily. Our purchasing software has a plethora of benefits and one of the most important ones is spend analysis.

Effective reporting can result in efficient buying, budget planning, and strategic sourcing. Our application also allows the customers to export the data into an Excel file. This can help in the collection of raw data, etc. for many. In some of our previous blogs, we stress the importance of management reports and analytics in procurement and why they have been picking up pace lately.

Customization, as we mentioned earlier, has been our forte and that culture will never change. Eyvo offers custom installations per the clients’ requirements and can meet those in almost every aspect of the software. A lot of our customers are happy to use this to their advantage as each of them has a unique requirement pertaining to their functioning.

Our technical team can efficiently fine-tune the software as per individual client needs. We offer custom reports, unique approval setups and much more. This goes to showcase our ‘customer first’ approach and technical expertise.

Constant Development Updates is something we are proud of. We know how important it is to be up to date with the latest technologies. Our development and R&D team is constantly updating themselves with new technologies for smooth and better functioning of our procurement software.

Customer Feedback is valuable to us and we look forward to it so that we can improve our services. Our functional changes are based on the inputs given by the customers. We listen to our customers and deliver changes accordingly because it benefits them. If the change is good and can help the P2P cycle as a whole, we try and implement it in our standard system as well.

In conclusion, Eyvo can make a lot of things happen if our client just wishes it. We do our best to live up to those expectations by always delivering value and that is what makes us stand out.

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