Teamwork – All The Way Through!
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Eyvo focuses on teamwork – inside out!
By Deepa Mordani
Productive Teams:

We can all agree that at the heart of every successful organisation is a team that is functioning at its full potential.

Until recently, this meant that every team member would be using their technical skills to achieve the targets of the organisation. This would naturally also drive how companies hired their talent pool.

Although technical skills took employees and the company to great heights in the past, here at Eyvo we see a changing trend in how teams need to function in today’s competitive market.

We have moved towards onboarding and cultivating team members with a higher emotional intelligence than just their technical job skills.

This is reiterated by many companies and most notably by Google that concluded a research called Project-Aristotle. It identified trust as the primary element of effective teams.

Recognising the need for re-evaluation, let’s ask ourselves what we see in our team members today or would like to instil in future team members.

Internal Teams:

We believe the foremost aspect, like it was identified by the above study, is a sense of trust. The trust that has been built within the team to know that they can safely put forth their suggestions and ideas and encouraging discussions based on these ideas. This would not only increase productivity but also push teams to take charge of their work situations and come up with solutions to issues that arise. Seeing their ideas come to fruition would further impress into them how important it is to collaborate.

A huge part of building trust is communication. How we communicate within our team, whether we use constructive language, demonstrate supportive behaviour or an encouraging tone sets a team apart from one whose members only look for mistakes in others to get themselves ahead or deflect responsibility. Needless to say, timely feedback is necessary to keep the team from steering away from its goal. This is apparent as our eprocurement software is a product of both our developer and business sides voicing their ideas and raising questions to serve our customers. We get to know each other better through work and communication which leads to increased trust.

When teams begin to function using each team member’s soft skills along with their technical skills, we see a company that is able to produce results and keep their people happy.

We at Eyvo also realise that teams are not just made of people on the field but include management as well. Our management team takes responsibility for setting an example of practices and behaviours that promote trust and progress. When all members of the organisation work as a cohesive unit and are all on the same page as to the direction that the company needs to take, we deliver great results.

External Teams:

The other aspect that we incorporate is that we work as a team within our company and outside as well with our customers. Whether it is to understand their requirements, be involved in their processes or offer an analysis knowing that we have an impact on their outcome is all a part of our continuous journey with them. We become our customer’s external team. We build lasting relationships by not only attending to the technical needs of our customers but also being sensitive to individuals’ personal needs with respect to communication skills and preferences.

Our customers agree: “Extremely pleased”

In January, we upgraded to eBuyerAssist, which the Purchasing Department has been extremely pleased with. The solution is easy to navigate and utilize, while robust enough to provide all required functionality, such as creating requests, orders, RFQ’s, matching invoices, receiving goods, and reporting. The Eyvo support team has always quick to respond and correct any issues, which have been minimal and are always open to suggestions that could enhance their product. Overall, the solution has been an asset to the Purchasing Department in managing our day to day responsibilities, and we are hoping to eventually expand its use to many of our global offices.

Purchasing Manager, Cleary Gottlieb Steen Hamilton LLP, A law firm, New York

We understand that teamwork within our company is what makes teamwork with our customers possible resulting in customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, this is what customers would want and expect from us.

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