5 Good Reasons To Implement A Cloud-based Eprocurement System
5 Good Reasons To Implement A Cloud-based Eprocurement System
By | E-Procurement Software
Advantages of implementing a cloud-based software

Do you remember when you had to dig through your desk or supply cabinet for your installation disks anytime something went wrong with a particular software program? When it was a business-critical program, the inconvenience was even worse — especially if you couldn’t find the software, or if the one computer it was installed on needed major repairs that could take days or weeks to resolve.

Those problems are in the past with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) and applications. Instead of relying on one PC, you can access the data you need and make important updates from any PC, or even mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. SaaS has truly made it easier for business and organizations in all industries to be more productive.

But there are still some companies that rely on older procurement models, including systems that require a good deal of printed-out purchase orders and manual signatures. Here are 5 ways that SaaS e-procurement software can help streamline your business processes and even save you money:

1. Save money, time and bother with more accurate purchase orders. Instead of relying on a verbal order that you place over the phone, you can be sure that the order is correct on the front end with e-procurement.
2. Get more accurate quotes with RFQs that ask suppliers for specific parts, services, options and terms. You’ll get what you need without spending more, avoid unnecessary delays, and impress your clients with your efficiency.
3. Get approvals faster. With e-procurement, you can use electronic approvals instead of having to print out each purchase order and track down the right person to sign it — or wait until that person returns from a business trip.
4. Enjoy better transparency and a smoother workflow. If you’ve ever created a purchase order after the order was already placed (or even received) in order to supply the proper documentation for your files, you know how inefficient that system can be. When you use cloud-based e-procurement software to generate purchase orders or RFQs before placing the actual order, your colleagues can access that information and make any necessary changes — so the order is more accurate as well as more available to those with a need to know.
5. Analyze your spending to find out where you are overspending or could find better deals. It’s all too easy to keep ordering the same products from the same suppliers just because “it’s how it’s always been done!” But you could be paying too much. E-procurement makes your purchasing history easily searchable and accessible to your team so you can take a fresh look at your spending habits and consider trying something new.

There are many more reasons than these five to choose e-procurement over your old-fashioned purchasing process, but saving money and time while improving efficiency and transparency are pretty compelling reasons in themselves. It’s never completely easy to change to a new system, but your team will soon appreciate the benefits and convenience of cloud-based e-procurement software.

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