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Deploy eProcurement Efficiently

Once you have assessed the requirements, selected a suitable e-procurement partner and completed the procedural formalities – it is time to deploy or implement. We at Eyvo completely acknowledge that rapid deployment and ease of use is what matters the most to validate the proficiency of a procurement partner and address the organisational needs for which the entire process has been initiated.  We are convinced that our eBuyerAssist (eBA) system will meet your requirements.

So how does deployment work? What are the various stages involved? What factors determine a successful deployment? Let us find out.

The hallmark of a competent e-procurement firm is the presence of a professional Implementation Services Team, which guides the client through every Deployment Stage.

Step 1 Analyse and plan

Analyse and plan

This is a preparation stage where detailed work specifications are drawn and resource allocation is looked into by identifying key stakeholders and assigning them their respective roles and responsibilities. Our team conducts an impact analysis by determining the departments and users who will be impacted by the prospective e-procurement modules. One of the most critical steps at this stage, however, is to examine the current data and formats which need to be mapped to our system. Eyvo provides thorough documentation to minimize the time required for this crucial integration, data cleansing and data validation step.

Step 2 Create & Integrate

This step is the backbone of the Deployment stage. This is where alignment, customisation, designing of new formats and workflows take place. This is the time when all components come to life and a truly suitable system is created.

Once detailed deigns of the forms and reports are done, the analysis drawn during Step 1 comes in handy. Integration of existing systems, data and formats with new designs and infrastructure takes place at this stage. This Step also marks the beginning of rollout and testing plan that are likely to impact the transition.

Create Integrate

Step 3

Training & Testing

While the first two steps help in preparing the ground, Step 3 is where the actual work begins. So far only key client stakeholders were working with us for streamlining processes… but this is where the entire team is not only roped in but trained to adopt and manage the newly set-up e-procurement system. Eyvo understands the criticality of Training and will provide excellent services and support to ensure that all participants are on board and ready to use the system. Depending on the size of the audience, availability, and location, Training can take place on-site, over webinars or through pre-recorded videos. Whatever the mode be, we take the lead and responsibility to train you all and make you comfortable with the new systems in place.

Once Training is complete and all those involved have a complete understanding, it is time to test the efficacy of each part of our eBA system by running a pilot. Here each workflow is tested on various parameters like design, speed, approvals, quality and functionality.

Step 4 Final Rollout

After successful completion of the Training & Testing Phase, it is time to hit the ground with the final roll out. In some cases, Rollout happens in a phased manner, especially in a large set up, while in many cases it is deployed all at once. This is completely the Client’s prerogative. Some Clients deploy in a matter of days!

This step marks the conclusion of Deployment phase and beginning of a new e-procurement association… Gear up for one and reach out to us if you want to know more.

Happy e-Procuring!

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