Is eProcurement Helpful In B2B Transactions?
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eProcurement in B2B

Procurement methods have undergone various changes, and the electronic method has benefited businesses a great deal. Almost all businesses require an organized and efficient way for handling their inventory and procurement issues and better information sharing system with their clients.

Whether it’s a supplier trade, or direct materials business, companies need to focus on ways to bring down overall costs.

Businesses involved in B2B transactions require electronic procurement system to ensure high-end services to their business clients.

What is B2B e-Procurement?

As is the case with any advanced technology, the electronic method of procuring goods presents a hassle-free way for companies involved in B2B transactions. The method offers a number of benefits for vendors and buyers alike.

How is it beneficial for B2B?

While the list as to how the method cuts down costs and improves organizational efficiency is very large, we present a condensed version:

Electronic procurement assists businesses with the elimination of labor-intensive processing and B2B processing cycles

An improved cash flow

It permits companies to do away with Dual-Data Entry (DDE)

Better communications between business partners

Companies can improve their competence by a better data quality and movement, data mining, and real-time reporting system

With an accurate demand and supply forecasting, companies can plan their tasks in advance

Significant assistance in proper management of complex logistics operations

Improved handling of contracts

Buyers and Vendors, Tie your Procurement Goals Together!

Businesses are on the constant lookout for forging mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with their partners. The ideal relationship between vendor and buyer is a venture which is advantageous to both of them. For a mutually beneficial relationship, both parties take steps to ensure that each financially benefits; that is the vendor makes money and the buyer saves money.

Therefore, for a partnership to last long, buyers and vendors need to have common procurement goals based on economic outcome, betterment in mutual synchronization, and process teamwork. E-procurement presents an ideal and viable method to allow both parties to meet these objectives.

A better Information Sharing System

An important aspect of this method of procurement is information sharing. Buyers and vendors require a system though which they can promptly share information regarding the complete transaction process. The transaction cycle starts with a PO created on line, after which the order is approved, placed and received. Once acknowledged to the time when the item is shipped, collected, invoiced, it is entered into the GL, and paid.

Throughout the cycle, feedback regarding product quality, contract reliability, and delivery is exchanged between both parties.

By sharing information, vendors are able to improve customer service and both parties improve the quality of their relationship and cooperation.

Therefore, a better coordination through effective and timely procurement benefits both of them. Information sharing also champions a high level of trust and performance expectations, because it makes the entire procurement process transparent.

Making use of B2B e-procurement, vendors and buyers can create and strengthen a long-term relationship which is financially mutually beneficial too.

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