Here Is A Visual FAQ In eProcurement
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Procurement system visual FAQ

eProcurement is becoming mainstream but there are still many questions we hear as companies search for the most suitable software for their particular needs. As with other technologies, purchasing solutions are not equal in features, ease of use, pricing to name a few. However, there are ways to evaluate offers in terms of needs and then compare those offers more apple-to-apple.

We are embarking on a series of explanatory videos to answer some of the most common questions we encounter on a daily basis. You can see these as a sort of visual FAQ that is suitable for all organizations from newcomers to veteran eprocurement software users.

The main points we relayed with this video are:

eProcurement systems will affect the entire organization.

It takes all stakeholders working together to realize the many benefits of purchase solution.

You need to do some internal assessment about current processes and needs.

We can work with clients in all states of digital maturity.

Our job is to help making the journey a positive change.

We will discuss implementation, security, user adoption, and many more topics in upcoming videos so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you are ready to read more about our topics, we have many blog posts that already explored in the past such as GDPR, optimization, future-proofing to name a few.

Working with Eyvo

Eyvo’s main goal is to explore each company’s needs, listen to stakeholders’ concerns, and tailor a solution that addresses top priorities. We are acting as consultants, partners, and advocates so that the relationship is built on solid foundation. Ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration is fundamental to the way we operate. If this resonates with you, we’d love to talk!

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