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Eyvo Launches Expense Management Module
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The Big Launch!

So its not strictly eProcurement and nor is it really a typical purchasing software systems function but we have to bend to market forces and recognize that our users seem to use our software for all manner of things that it wasn’t initially intended for – one of these issues is expense management.

Typically one doesn’t raise a PO to manage an employee’s expenses but you do need some auditable method to both record that employees expenses and reimburse them – thus the Eyvo Expense management module is born.

So how does it work ?

Very simple, a user who has incurred an expense simply completes the online expenses form – uploads images of the receipts – sends it to his/her boss for approval by a click of a mouse and once its approved a message goes to accounts to cut a check to that user – simple, clean, easy and fully auditable.

Expense tracking problems will be a thing of the past – fully integrated into the existing structure of our eBuyerAssist product range.

Look for the new expenses module in early 2014

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